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  1. Magmatico Sound


  2. Paulo Júnior Oficial

    qual configurações pra conectar na Conttroladora Ddj Wego 2. Ou o App tem ser aquele pago? tira esse problema da Comunicação


    Obrigada Renata boa noite em anexo o meu nome completo e não consegui fazer o download da versão final surpreendente confira em Barretos SP hoje mesmo t de

  4. Jakey Brannigan

    how do you download the dj game is very good

  5. ludi trend

    André VII – Redemption 90's (Dub Mix)

  6. rckay racky

    rckay rackyI make playlists in the app then after closing and reopening the app all content has disappeared from playlist – how do I rectify this ?1 second ago•


    I use it too.

  8. Robert Haynie

    what DJ controller is good for this app

  9. Jig Saw

    Nice but I have a 1 problem , when u tap the slips like ex. The 1 slip when u tap that slips the song is forwarding and when you heard it's not good please fix that slips and fix don't forwarding the song when u tap the slips

  10. Prajan Pradhan

    best dj app … i have ever seen 😍😍

  11. thiện mẫn châu



    Is there a manual just for android?

  13. Bablu Kumar

    Bablu kumar


    cross dj me record nhi ho rha hai aisa kyun

  15. C Hlimy


  16. Rolan Capisnon

    me i have that dj pro just send to my fb rolan capisnon plsssssssssssssss

  17. Hioutiss

    Hi.. how can I use my DJ controller only with my Android phone without pc and screen mirroring?

  18. danish matin

    can you add more base beat to it and if can then how

  19. felipe sanchez

    mmmmm no se la verdad??😃

  20. felipe sanchez

    porque esta en idioma brasileño si eso es en español??? 😐😐😐

  21. felipe sanchez


  22. Vito Politi


  23. _ThaNakorN_ Plam. MY


  24. jhonson sanchez

    Esta exelente solo q no se guardar los mix q ago!

  25. Anoon Mathew Shibu

    Song name please…!!!!

  26. James Bond

    I can't upload the recorded tracks to YouTube. do I convert them to another file. plz answer as fast as possible.

  27. mcpe guy

    @Mixvibes best app can you add more midi controlers please answer

  28. Paull Harry Palacios Góez

    Fuck es lo mejor

  29. Đỗ Đô

    well in my memo pad 8 (rock chip) record feature issue, i will upload an video about that bug.

  30. EddyGraphic

    It just needs samplers like in virtual Dj for the PC that you can take a piece of the song on the deck and you can use it as a base to mix!

  31. Krishna Giri


  32. retrokkt

    Noooooo! It's not for my version
    HTC Oné V

  33. Serkan Sivrikaya

    What is the name of the song? PLEASE!!

  34. whattheduck

    (y)  (y)

  35. bluff city

    Is there a way to play both a and b tracks without manually pushing the play buttons at the same time?

  36. Dygon Games987

    Muito bomm!!!! 

  37. disgraceland uk

    Buy a set of Technics kids, it's more fun. 

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