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  1. hushpuppykl

    Chinese focus on making money. That is in our nature. China does not have grand ambitions of conquering other nations. It’s not in his history.

    The west on the other hand is only able to create economic wealth through colonization. See it’s history.

    The west needs to learn to work hand in hand with China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela etc.

    We need symbiosis …

  2. Steve Yap

    Eat American lunch like 5G…lol…China rise becoz of the ignorance and arrogance of the West…you all screwed yourselves. Plain and simple.

  3. Fook Oh Wong

    Excellent points from all.

  4. Dave D

    Socially and economically, the West embraces values of diversities and convergence, but politically they are extremely conservative on "democracy" and refuse to introduce anything new into their political life. But China does have a mixed political system that guatantees dynamics and unity, which works well with the complex economic system and diversified cultures.

  5. Geo economics

    those who control
    control the WORLD

    john halford mackinder

  6. Oiled Up And Ready !

    White people get treated badly at Chinese restaurants in San Francisco! Will Fred call that racism???

  7. Chris Ramsbottom Isherwood

    As far as I know, a lot of these Belt and Road countries are in debt to China. Moreover, the trains and ships are not really for "commuters"…and they really only go one way…natural resources are being shipped to China.

  8. The Black Hundreds

    Has anyone else noticed the constant 40 and 50 dislikes on every RT video? This wasnt happening before and the content hasnt changed, so I wonder what could be happening? Lol. I'm sure its completly organic.

  9. saiful hasan

    Zionist WARS 💥 are about LOOTING 💯s of BILLIONS 💵🔫💷🔫💰🔫 at the cost of death 👹☠️👽☠️😈 of MILLIONS 🔥 It is not Moral but MATERIAL, STUFeed !!!

  10. Jason Chua

    To the west it is an upside-down world, go into debt and print we do not really have to pay for it, even the left is fitting that agenda in the 2020 elections, everything has to be free and just vote me. Ah, those that are homeless in LA, just too bad they chose the wrong road. Do not forget we have a two-tier justice system, anything for Hillary is OK and if Trump took one cent we will impeach him as we have taken our oath office – Pelosi.

  11. ArkTiger4c

    Funny we are talking about democracy here I don't think we in the west have actually practiced it ….So if some -one else wants to give it a go tell us how it turns out

  12. abc

    Peter is so nuanced and logical. Why aren't there more Westerners like this?

  13. John Baldwin

    China's current governance under President Xi is both Democracy and Socialism as to embrace both… it may be PRC turning 70 but it is not the same China as it is evolving and opening up to the world and seeking global trade of a cooperation for a win-win just as equally seeking closer cultural ties with any one nation that is willing as they are?

  14. Darlene Sjostrom

    China has been at a 6% or more growth rate, the US at 2% consistently! The US has the problem, not China!

  15. Darlene Sjostrom

    Hey Sara, you are so worry how China is going change, maybe you need to worry about how the US is going to cope! I think that the US has a lot more to adapt to, than China does in the years ahead!
    Just look at this woman's face! American arrogance!

  16. Darlene Sjostrom

    This woman is a disgrace to her heritage! Just like every other American, totally indoctrinated!

  17. Eva Wong

    I am glad I found your channel, the one’s explains the truth. 👍👍👍👍

  18. Sihar Tobing

    Not Understand What's Talking Abouth, If Abouth Hi – Tech 5.G/6-7G. Chaina Country Win, And You Lost, ….. God Bless All, …. Cheerio.🌠👍👍👍🌠🌟🌠.

  19. Kevin Wayne

    Market forces,
    Market forces,
    Market forces,
    Market forces,
    Market forces,
    Market forces,
    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  20. yu

    The results show present-day China is Prosperous Strong and the Chinese people are confident of China's future and direction. Then why should China change to please the US or the West? As China top leaders said, mutual respect mutual benefits and equality

  21. Jinbin Lv

    China didn't fight a war for 30 years, China's enemy is poverty, how about USA?

  22. Apollo Dionysos

    Why the younger , more vibrant and superior sociopolitical system should kneel and bow to the 200+ y/o recalcitrant so called universal values and corrupted western political systems which are totally outmoded ,outdated and sclerotic like the old Nokia hp.

  23. New Crew

    I think people are missing the point there, isn't it right to judge a system working or not is to see the result it delivers? not judging by a name or if it's the same as the western system? Who said the Westen way is the best way or the only way? The west had predicted China collapsing every year for the past 30 years, but China has proven them wrong, the West also said Chinese people can't innovate because they are "oppressed and controlled" by their government, however, China is having an explosion of innovation and technological advancement that are astonishing the world. Now the West is saying China is a threat to world peace? Maybe it's time for the west to refect why they have got everything so wrong and maybe it's time re-define a "democratic system"?

  24. pak uncensored

    Pls do a show about that india has built toilets.indian PM bragged in u .n.

  25. New Crew

    The Chinese are on the right track now and they know it, a lot of developing countries are also looking up to China now and trying to copy their economic model. I guess the democratic ideology itself should allow different cultures and societies to seek developing modes that suit their own circumstances. China is not exporting their ideology or force other countries to be more like them, why should the west force China to be more like the west when clearly China is doing better?

  26. Richard Elniski

    When will China "Grow Up" and become a Real Democracy?  China is like a Teenager with their first Credit Card.  Wow, Did they Max it Out of What??  China OWES the Rest of the World over $ 40 Trillion Dollars!! How do you think they are going to Repay these Loans, when they Come Due?  Devaluing their Yuan only prolongs the day of Reckoning, meaning that the coming Collapse of the Yuan and China's Economy is going to be Much Worse than they Expect.  China has Defrauded the WTO and the World Bank.  So when the easy Credit Dries Up, They are Done.  China does not grow enough food to feed their Population.  China has Lost 1/3 of their Domestic Hog Production.  They must Import Oil, LNG, and Coal to keep their Factories Going. Companies and Capital are leaving China at a Record Rate.  China will probably Implode under the Pressure of their Massive Debt Load. The last time this happened under Mao, China devolved into Anarchy and Millions Died of Starvation.  Some Miracle of Communism and the Dictators that Control It!!

  27. Lucia Y

    Why can’t WH be happy with China’s achievement? 🤔🤔

  28. Jenny Zhen

    Chinese economy is growing fast for the past 30 years is due to their strong experience leader, learn and adapt market forces.

  29. FirstNameCorrectly LastNameCorrectly

    Capitalism that pretending to be Communism.

  30. Dwaine Castle

    The success of China is a threat to the corrupt US crony capitalistic market not to capitalism or the American way. Real competition may be the only thing that can bring the USA back to its senses. Our democratic institutions have utterly failed the American people.

  31. Bundle of Perceptions

    First of all China has never been Communist. If they called the ruling party the pink elephant party, would you think they were pink elephants? In its final form, Communism is a stateless system, not a state-run system. Communism is a system that is run by the people (commune), and in all of the countries we have mistakenly called Communist, the state owned and controlled everything, but that is NOT Communism. Americans in 1919 were not as confused as Americans are today about what Communism is. Why would a Capitalist tell you the truth about Communism?

  32. navegante zen

    China is making more money in Africa than in US. And very often the white people just have no idea what the numbers really are, they take their prejudices and imagination as a sound money.

  33. Zendi Zong

    China needs to united all Asian neighbors into one big regional family! Or the West will used Asian country one by one trying to destroy our people and our regions from wealth and opportunity!

  34. twaters57

    Americans think that everything China has they stole from the US. I guess they think the Chinese are too stupid to have invented something. Most Americans listening to the MSM think that China's economy is collapsing are in for a big surprise. Most of the high tech workers in silicon valley companies are Asian. The US has a fake consumption economy fueled by printing US dollars (22 trillion so far) and trading financial instruments. Americans are about to get a big dose of reality in the coming years. The 21st century belongs to Asia.

  35. Zendi Zong

    Actually American aren't being told the truth. U.S Trump is working closely with China. The action of the U.S on China is apart of the wider goals and that action must be done this way at the global scale! This was never about the U.S versus China from the beginning! Wake up people! Trump and his administration is just an intended political decoy!

  36. J C

    It's time for USA to review and learn what China has been doing progressive things that they don't do.

  37. Lenin Luna

    Where's the insane antisemitic bullshit against communism since it was founded by a Jew?

    Nowhere to be found? Well I can safely lay down my digital antifa attacks and laugh my ass off at the comment section's hypocrisy.


  38. Born Dragon

    It is not longer "communist china", as per Xi Jinping they exercise "socialism with Chinese characteristics" and it could be argued that this is to the right of socialism exercised in the west as per rely much on market forces in conjunction with social reforms founded on the people and prosperity and development for the people.

  39. J J

    The United States was misrepresented in this… the far-left preaches Communism and submission to the U.N. most likely to stifle innovation. I know this because my professor taught this and I've bought an overpriced text book to back that claim… but that's what you get here in COMMUNIST CALIFORNIA. If the far-left could move to China and the Hong-Kong'rs moved here, I think that would be fair.

  40. Moisés Mendoza

    Well, MX should be communist-social democracy.

  41. Mark Bennett

    I'd feel more comfortable if my country had china on its side rather than US

  42. Gordon J. Reeves

    Mr. Lavelle, you are a peerless purveyor of global perspective with the rare integrity of historical awareness, cultural sensitivity and the sort of subtle but knowing insight all but practically bereft of the majority of the pretentious buffoons – whose entrenched ignorance makes them even more insidiously dangerous – who consistently sabotage The United States of Amnesia (in Gore Vidal's definitive description). Bravo to you, Sir.

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