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  1. G_ForCE

    was this just unprivated after 9 years?

  2. BeeCeeHQ

    I need to see the explicit version

  3. Protein Is PoweR

    2018 🙂

  4. jardude699

    wudof been better with cashis and marylin mansin as a vampire person

  5. jardude699

    obviously its not he just looks like him but its not will.

  6. aTTe907

    nice 😉 XD

  7. jacob massey

    its ethire this or when the music stops tht my fav d12 song its soooo gd 🙂

  8. jacob massey

    thats role modle nt fight music lol?

  9. Black Power Ranger

    i know how to rap its simple but all i did waz read a russell simons book

  10. Korma James Dio

    Holly shit thats Ice T at the beggining

  11. Scott N

    haha hit da nail on da head.

  12. El bongGloria

    no man rao is the fucking tits man it speaks to every one and if someone hates rap they can syck my fuckin dick man im a sorta rapper too so fuck people who haten rap man is the fuckin shitz..peace

  13. TormentedDemise

    kinda of, but his name is bizzare O_o

    guess he makes the group alittle bit funnier

  14. NoDirection

    I don't think bizzare can rap, not a good fit in D12 with people like Proof (R.I.P) and Em

  15. TimboBandit

    …because it rhymes? why does anybody rap about anything…
    is that a serious question?

  16. Scott N

    i wish u saw it kick off at the end, phat video

  17. Scott N

    makes me wanna kick someones head in 😛 haha jks i have self control….

  18. je reet

    Woww… It's like the warriorsXD

  19. jsk786

    It's Ice-T

  20. pLatinsiggi

    bizarre's part is … bizarre ^^

    that dude's rhyme are fuckin' insane xD

    "my grandmother sucked my dick and i didn't come" … insane xD

    one of the best songs of the dirty dozen … love it =)

    5/5* 😉

  21. Nick Lampedecchio

    no it's Ice-T

  22. gerardy345

    is dat will smith at the start

  23. pwilsonlf3

    holy shit it is obama wtf!!!!!! eminem is da shit


    not rly wikipedia edits the stuff thats submited

  25. dudemandude999

    bizarre needs a cat scan lol

  26. sean mc cann

    i love that ending


    all the insturments stop =o)

  27. sean mc cann


  28. Jakob Rasmussen

    Ems verse is incredible

  29. coreydaviddopp92

    Do you guys even knw what this videos' made after/ its made after the movie the warriors.

  30. UnderConstruction IQE

    OMG, IM about to rob a bank after listening to this …. i havent heard this in a minute.. ROFL!

  31. ohmygolygosh

    will smith also made music..

  32. Skatekid79

    great song but doesnt go wit video

  33. Simeon Lazarov

    2 *

  34. Simeon Lazarov

    they are d12 cause they are 6 but each of them have 1 nicknames for example Eminem and Slim Shady .. btw RIP Proof !

  35. codyS9114

    umm D11? lol jk

  36. fediieddy

    eminem IS the best MUSIC ARTIST ALIVE thank god h3s not DEAD

  37. salford08

    haha, EMINEM, really has an army like that, shame he would never think to use them. =S

  38. faisal faisaal

    this the best eminem song ever i meen wow u now the taif music

  39. obusero obus

    una mierda de vidio, como los the warriors no ahi nada mas son unicos.

  40. Dennis Westenend

    wahahahaha lol great!!!! from the warriors:p

  41. Amish Shwan


  42. snyper4me

    yeah I like ur list better

  43. Klau Klement

    kurva nagy szám kibaszott jó cool 🙂

  44. snyper4me

    what about 2pac what about big L and Big bun and biggie smalls there all above eminem

  45. jakeandbrian

    i love the reference to the warriors!

  46. Strongbad899

    sorry, but thats bizzares style hence the name… he gives every song a shock value and if you dont like then gtfo

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