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  1. King Jaffe Joe

    Dis nigga got too much energy

  2. Toni Owens

    Oh ok, fuck them hoes. Them hoes spreading diseases…too. condoms Nigga, cause they got it from some man. Be safe.

  3. Fortunato Samuel

    This video should win the world record for the most hoes in a single video😂😂😂

  4. zloofah

    This is stupid

  5. Abdalla Mobez

    Producer how many girls do you want??

    Da baby YES

  6. Jacob Rothschild

    Wow this guy has some sick flow keep making good musik bro we got you ! Finally something good it's been a while

  7. Nedas

    I actually got the video 1 mil views

  8. Markel Dallas

    His "Okurrrr" hit different 😩🙌🏿

  9. hbjeffx


  10. Ant Will

    Wtf slow the video down and let us see the hoes nigga

  11. CJ’s House of Comedy and Freestyle


  12. Nikos Pappas

    0% nude
    100% music and talent



  14. Jason Griffin

    Lol this niggah is so goofy bruh

  15. ProdBy FENDY

    If he ever stops making music he need to be an actor

  16. Patricia Gordon

    Reminds me of Nellys tip drill video

  17. kal Burrell

    If anyone found where the beat at 2:28 is comment below 👇🏾


    Check dis story on dababy





  20. Giovanny Padilla


  21. Flammable Toast

    The day dababy comes up with an original sound ill be impressed

  22. Gido Stroeve

    Director- How much girls you want in the video?

    DaBaby- Yes.

  23. warren durham

    Make. Video with the second best at the end


    Well that record is goin' through the goddamned roof. They playin' it as far away as Mobile.

  25. eduardo gallegos

    Wonder if he knock one of this hoes out since they a little to close 🤣🤣 like his security

  26. David Stribling

    Highkey best rapper

  27. Pro Pain Accessories

    What songs at the end?

  28. Wunderfizz

    The rapper music video template: women

    No artistic expression, just women

  29. Honestly Jayy


  30. Yapp Alot

    Only in Rap! NO class!

  31. BananaJustClappedYou

    If you don’t hear a “no cap” or “Yeah” or “Fuck” it’s not a Dababy music video

  32. Isaiah’s Bias

    This made me realize how much I don’t want a hoe. I think I’m getting too old for this type of shit lmao. There was one point in time where I would blast this shit in my car 😭.

  33. Marquan Pittman

    another short ass song

  34. Willie Bailey

    This man got the best music videos of all time

  35. Jayden Sebastian

    1:10 – When yo homie wanna join in but you being selfish wit it

  36. Da'Shaunn TV

    DaBaby Always Got The Best Videos💯

  37. Kevin Dupont

    0% nudity
    0% flexing
    100% on god

  38. raymond balboa

    This video got a 90s vibe to me. Love it.

  39. Alpha Swan

    hello Nice your Music. I love you

  40. Nayn Neck

    Tyga,this time u loses 😂

  41. baseem carroll

    Me: Oh shit, Travis scott
    Video: Jetson Made another one.

  42. God_Gang[YT] Official

    Dababy: Has many girls in music video

    His daughter 5 yrs ltr: who is mommmy

  43. Kesnie Hinds

    🗣🔥🎶Let’s go🎶 🗣🔥

  44. mxmmie

    i love his life

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