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  1. Five Two Love

    We ❤️ you!

  2. Felicia Nichols

    Hope everyone feels better soon!!!❤❤

  3. Jennifer Bockenstedt

    Prayers and just take care of yourselves ❤️🙏🏼

  4. Lynne McDonald

    Oh bless you, take care and I hope you all feel much better very soon xx

  5. Jonathan Pereira

    God bless you all Shalom

  6. Brittany Johnson

    You guys are seriously the best! Your family always brings a smile to my face and brightens my day ❤️❤️

  7. DVF

    I assume you have family keeping your names on the prayer roll? If not I'd be happy to do it tomorrow. Have to call for my sick daughter and granddaughter anyway. Good luck and may you all be vitamin trees, lol. And I was relieved to see Buford is still there. His twin brother, btw, is at my grandson's house. Maybe someday we'll have to set up a playdate for them, haha.

  8. Sarah Wing

    i constantly get sinus infections (because i have chronic sinusitis) and during flu season that always leads to bronchitis. if you’re not taking a decongestant on top of the steroids, i’d recommend mucinex which always does the trick for me. hope u all get back to normal asap!!!

  9. Debbie R

    Praying for you ALL! INCLUDING Buford the bear!! Hope he doesn't get sick! Because I'm pretty sure he'll act like a grizzle bear!! 🐻

  10. Ellyna Blue

    Lil, my love! ❤❤❤

  11. debsoldies

    Sending prayers, love, and hugs for speedy healing! Much love to all!

  12. Kim Fischer

    Flu shots?

  13. Lauren Garcia

    This flu bug going around is no joke! We have been fighting it for the past 10 days here. Unfortunately our little one caught it now, so he is pretty miserable. Hopefully we all start feeling better soon!

  14. Steven Gonzalez

    After everyone is done withe flu…. Buford needs a trip to the laundromat. He could be placed into a giant washing mashine, and then dryer. Done that with smaller stuffed toys. It works well. Just an idea….☺😊😀😁😃

  15. Nacera Bouzekri

    Wish a prompt recovery for all of you

  16. Jane Johnson

    Get well soon, kids bounce back pretty quick and your 2 oldest boys are the best.

  17. MamaMiyum89

    I've had bronchitis twice over the last few months. I'm so happy you are getting steroids already and not waiting.

  18. Novan's vlogs

    Love and support for all of you, if you need to skip a vlog that is fine. Take your time and rest, health always comes first♥️

  19. Enyonam Akotia

    We praying with you…. love your family…my 10 month old loves watching the babies…. God Bless you

  20. Katrina Grossius

    I am just so impressed with everyone coming around to help. I am such a germaphobe, I am not sure I could expose myself to the sicknesses that rocked your family! What an awesome tribe you have!

  21. toni girdlestone

    hope all your family and yourself gets better asap! your health should always be your number one priority!

  22. Melissa Africa

    May I suggest that you guys go plant based for 14 days just to boost your immune system and revitalise.

  23. oxana kukina

    Deseo que se haya felices, la familia

  24. Mary Wall

    Why are you so darn funny, I just love you guys

  25. Kailah Matthews

    Aaaaaaaaaw poor Lilly and Daisy😞. Poor babies😞. I hope u all get better thats tarrible that u all have the flu😞. Best wishes😊

  26. florence cavallaro

    102 is no joke/im just glad your fever broke and they gave you meds//I now added jamie to the prayer list to feel better/hope the babies are also feeling better/bless all of you/amen/

  27. florence cavallaro

    wow even being here in ct.state a lot of us are sick//I think its because there is 60degree weather/no snow to kill the germs/lol/i have been sick twice also/mild/but being someone with a weak heart it is not easy for me in the winter months. I'm praying for you and hoping you feel better god bless all.

  28. Nikki Piotrowski

    Prayers feel better soon 🙏

  29. Maureen Madden

    Sending Healing Prayers for the whole family. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️

  30. Brianna-hunnn

    Te amo Motchos tots Stan wapos e wapas jajajajaj

  31. Kathy Mallory

    I pray your family a speedy recovery

  32. Ashley Kennedy

    Prays for speedy recovers of your family. Get well soon.

  33. Warmwishineverystitch Eileen

    What an incredible family you guys are and how you all help each other get through the rough times. Thank God you have great supportive helpers that you trust and love. It's no wonder that your older boys are such amazing helpful loving boys. I pray you all have a very fast recovery and start feeling back to your old selves. Have to say even sick you are hysterical and manage to be positive and smile! Thanks for making me smile too😊

  34. Cindi Allain

    Tell ya what Skylar, I’ll pray for you 5 times! (Ok not really I’ll be praying till ya’ll get better. Just had to get that 5 in there). I’m sorry everyone is sickly. I’d say you have a handle on it though! Love ya!

  35. Lisa Cottrell

    Bless your hearts…

  36. Lexi Ollis

    Don’t worry about vlogging… take a break and get better! Prayers to your family. We will be here when you get better but please take a break. Get well soon🙏🏻💕

  37. Emily S

    Do y’all get flu shots?

  38. Rebekah Hall

    I'm sure Jamie's immune system was down from checking on the babies all night if they were all as sick as Ms Lily is!

  39. Rebekah Hall

    I'm glad you finally have a diagnosis and are getting proper treatment! I'm sorry you had to go to the ER! It's scary when it gets that bad!

  40. Rebekah Hall

    Lily looks pitiful! She was definitely running fever! Bless her heart!

  41. Rebekah Hall

    I love the outro Kyle!

  42. Jenica Pratt

    Get well soon everyone 💖

  43. DaOriginalCanadian DancehallQueenSimone

    Best wishes I had the flu for 6 weeks was in ER last week. Give thanks we are both ok prayers

  44. Jayne Limm

    Get Well Soon, Scott Family!

  45. emma jo

    Aww so sorry you all are sick again, hang in there it will get better! I know how stressful it is taking care of one sick toddler cant imagine five! Love and prayers!

  46. Debra Rapp

    God Bless You 🙏

  47. Peaceful Peace

    May God heal you all 🙏

  48. Nanna Patty

    Everyone feel better soon prayers . I have been sick for over a week. I also have caught the virus. Live you all. Hugs

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