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  1. nixazmaj16

    cool music robot

  2. Faule Schildkröte

    Timeless . New Album please

  3. cico in Tokyo

    This is amazing..

  4. Potato hecking gaming

    If aliens come to Earth I'll take the blame as the leader and I'll show them this

  5. Nacho Herrera

    This album and Off The Wall are the only Disco albums that sound timeless.

  6. Vincent Green

    this sounds unbelievable with Super X-Fi

  7. Elif Korkmaz


  8. Sarah Hrd



    Dafty Punk music

  10. lukas hynes

    New band, "Retrofile", check them out on you tube….. you will not be disappointed ….

  11. Blaine Fiasco

    Why is there shit so repetitive yet catchy?

  12. Luis Rafael Radies

    My favourite song!!! the best!!! Daft Punk Congrulations!!! Sensational… I'LOVE…

  13. Gregorio Lazarte


  14. Alexandre Oliveiras

    theres a little moment on the music, that emanates the same sound as an random event npc in old school runescape 2007

  15. Robert Bird

    I love how Daft punk is a total digitally recorded bank, but their video is of an analog player… LOVE IT!

  16. Yodakaycool

    This song came from a sample.

  17. Thomas Bangalter

    The sound of lost music

  18. Erick Chévez

    This isn’t a Dj’s song this is more like instrumental composition right?

  19. LU K

    C'est juste incroyable

  20. Wild Somepony


  21. Dineth Hewage

    Olso this to good people

  22. Dineth Hewage

    Anyone 2019

  23. Johan Armenta

    The people talking in the background while great is playing…. i want that soooooo bad

  24. KeyZsaWake

    Timeless music

  25. Blobl Chixken

    I really would love some new music from these lads, they are amazing

  26. Chad Dickhaut

    What I love about this album is that the principle put forward in the Giorgio Moroder interview later on the album is in full force: take the music of the past and mix it with the music of today and the sounds of the future to make music for the future. RAM is s musical manifesto.

  27. Haris Tirmizi

    Daft FUNK

  28. Shannon Slays


  29. Russell mckeown

    I’m i the only one that hears give him the chair! At 3:20

  30. Mr. BiggieLarge

    What Makes Daft Punk Different Is There Mixture And Style Of Music. The Drums And The Base. There Mixture of groove and funk. Thar what makes them different and them repeating there words is unqike its unlike of normal people making new lyrics every part. Daft Punk Is the best

  31. Hyenabro Gaming

    All of their songs are good the RAM album is the best one!!!!!!!

  32. steffen


  33. Wellington Jesus Costa

    Eu Aqui 👍09/04/2019

  34. Wellington Jesus Costa



    Play daft punk music at my wedding and funeral pls

  36. Jonathan Lovely

    This song deserves more recognition

  37. -dimitri- OwO

    2019 like?


    when I need to run 600 miles at night in my semi truck this is the kinda shit that will keep me up when its cranked up

  39. MAxi extinto superior MAX30

    😎😎😎 esse som é bom vem logo hein som de eletrônica

  40. Gamen Snootdroop

    Ironic that the ones who endlessly loop tracks call for others to "bring life to music." Their music is lifeless. /s

  41. Luis Vidalon

    Agree, give life back to music

  42. VoxTheVaada

    Music should be an universal language, it summons various reactions and emotions and everyone understands it.

  43. Sergio Ramari


  44. Yiğit Turgut

    the song that plays when music publisher from uk calls who doesn't pay my copyrights….

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