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  1. Jess222

    My gratitude for you! Namaste 🙏

  2. Arnold Stollar

    Great film

  3. Steve Shepherd

    Wow …. easy to follow, engaging, informative ….. thank you 🙏

  4. Lily Collins


  5. Ma.Corazon Bautil

    Love this… started doing this and it feels good.. thanks for sharing..👍

  6. Phoebe Lee

    Love this

  7. Ann McQueen

    i love this exercise. and the best thing is Im doing IT!!!!!!!!!

  8. Amy Cullen

    Incorporating this into our daily practice will be beautiful. Thank you for sharing ❤

  9. Eid Almazrouei

    Thank you. If I owe anybody then its you. I started with you two months ago before that i become master for myself and people at various levels. Thank you for the universal care.
    Moon Universai Phl;
    Eid Alm

  10. kl. johnny

    Very well explained Qigong movements! 👍👏👏

  11. Sandi Miller

    Thank you, Don. I love your videos.

  12. Cari San

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful, ancient exercise routine. I will continue to practice this from here on out.

  13. Freedom Halbert

    Wow this is amazing. Simple moves yet spectacular results

  14. The Luminous One

    great content

  15. Poranek 339


  16. Jerry Jao


  17. Fari Gul

    Great and thanks alot sir, wish you blessings too

  18. mereu netulburat

    Namaste! Thank you vey much!

  19. Vince J

    Growing up I’ve always seen a group of Asians every single morning in the park doing these exact moves! Now I know what they were doing. Also A lot of them were older but they moved with ease

  20. morning_angel

    Oh my gosh, thank you for this!!!!

  21. sonia Andrea

    its very simple and I love it to the max

  22. Marie ET

    Thank you for sharing. Love the patting!

  23. Sharjes Mohammed

    4:00 Now I understand. All the people that slapped me throughout my life was just trying to stimulate my immune and circulatory systems. Just kidding. Thank you.

  24. Jane Paul

    Great way to start the day – thank you.

  25. samina wave

    thank you Sir ….

  26. Luv Light

    Great teacher, thank you for your work ⭐️💫

  27. Ryoko007

    wasn't feeling too good. but feel much better doing this. thank you Don fiore.

  28. Theresa Lowery

    I love this video

  29. Hanna Appel

    One of the best ever! It's easy and powerful. I use it every day. Thank you ♥

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