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  1. Francis Benedict

    Try a junin pi yaw any Chinese medicine carries this medicine to regulate female Menstruation. It's a
    Powerful coagulant. Check out the website open gate acupuncture Portland Oregon Mark Goldby and by the way I can see quite clearly after watching you for several months that you are an exceptional and beautiful woman.

  2. ThomasVMan

    Glad you're feeling better. More daily's please!

  3. Bountiful Grace By Julia

    Bear bin or dry body, I think that a dry body would be better lol

  4. Bountiful Grace By Julia

    I was told to get a hysterectomy too in my 40s because of a polyp and endometriosis but my sister who is a nurse told me not to bc it wouldn't be really good for my bone health at that age. You are too young for one. Good choice.

  5. Roelf Indoors

    I agree. Do not have surgery if its not really needed.

  6. Roelf Indoors

    I loved the daily vlogs. I was waiting for each and everyone.

  7. Grumpy Grunt

    Love the Rocky water bottle. I like the Vlog style daily posts, too.

    You and the girls enjoy NM! It's one of my very favorite states. It's gorgeous from top to bottom and the food is great, especially this time of year (the chile harvest should be starting, so you'll smell them roasting everywhere 🤤 ). Even if it is hot, it is comfortable. It also gets down in the 40s at night, so sleeping is wonderful with the windows open or camping after the sun goes down.

  8. Momma K

    Watched every vlog. Really enjoyed them it was visiting with you every day. Have a great day!

  9. Amber Davis

    I loved the daily vlogs! Would love to see more.

  10. Karla Powell

    LOVE the daily vlogs! I look forward to each of your vlogs. Beautiful soul! Thanks for sharing. We all need a Spirit Forest ❤

  11. gina allen

    I enjoyed all the daily vlogs as they were posted. So am all caught up now. Thanks for sharing your life with us. You have to do you, no one else gets to decide but you. Looking forward to the end of summer, early fall and cooler weather here in the valley. We are still in the 90s during the day but finally the lows are creeping down to low 60s which is the first sign of cha cha cha changes. Peace.

  12. GrandpaJim

    Medically follow your heart thru prayer.

  13. Marty’s Crew: Our Family Adventures

    Glad you are taking charge of your health! Anything to avoid surgery and still get better sounds like a good plan. Can’t wait to see Madison’s 14er video! That will be epic! I hope you get to go hiking in New Mexico! We were in the southern part near Carlsbad and got a lot of hiking in! Amazing and beautiful! You will love it!

  14. Thats me

    Oh sweet mama. I had tumors at 34, and had a radical hysterectomy. Emotionally it changed me in ways I hadn't paid attention to. In bad ways. Physically I gained weight. I wish I had been more mature about my decision.

  15. Linda- Lakers Fan Ronn

    Can I please have a cabin to sleep in. I love the 🌧 rain, but I like comfort too. With a fire 🔥 going. Just call me Chicken Little! Lol

  16. SJ SMITH

    I would miss my dog so much in the forest!

  17. Linda- Lakers Fan Ronn

    Tammy, can you go to an holistic doctor? Just to see if plant medicine will help ??
    Btw, I went into menopause at your age. I was told “ oh this will ho away, or I see they offered me pills to take to shrink it. This was just my experience that’s all. 😘

  18. Freerider

    At the end of the day, every single man and woman out there are going to bed alone, because when we lay our head on that pillow – all we got is ourself and our own thoughts to deal with. That is why I'm just going to say: It's your life and your body. No matter who says what, you're the onlyone living with the consequences. Follow your own heart because it really doesn't matter what other people think or not.

  19. Wendy Morris

    Love to see more of your daily filming Tammy.

  20. Lettie’s Life

    Sorry I missed premier. I loved the vlogs! No fires, ever? 🔥 😭😭😭. Love you ❤️

  21. Lynnx Wilkinson

    i enjoy all your videos!

  22. Karen Edwards

    Thankyou for doing it, you are such a nice person i appreciate what you do 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  23. Achim Kohlhage

    As man, likely I shud not give comments. You're living a healthy live, ard mid 40ties at the height of yr strength. Yr decision to wait with surgery was bold, requires courage. One deserves a good portion of luck, too. Just believe it shall be fine.

  24. Suzannes ww life

    i love storms take care Tammy love the vlogs daily

  25. Jack Priest

    Продолжайте, у вас отлично получается! Thanks!

  26. Lorna Van Steen

    Loved them!

  27. Zero Waste Wiltshire

    I'm dreaming for you. When your girls are grown up you could rent out your house and live at spirit forest full-time. Would that work for you?

  28. Boyd Stone

    I loved the daily blogs. It's nice to be home, isn't it. Watched every one. Please listen to the dr. and do exactly as he says. Sounds he knows what he's doing. If he says you have to have surgery please do not delay. I only wish you the best with love and hugs. Tell madison good luck on her climb, and enjoy the view! Love @ hugs Boomer

  29. Rosie Cotton

    Glad you're feeling better! 👍👍

  30. old man

    If the same situation was happening to one of ur daughters..what would be ur advice ?? The answer lies right there . Life is so simple spirit . We make it harder than it is . V

  31. wolvenar

    Wow that storm sounded so amazing in headphones.

  32. Joe Stagner

    A knife why not a GUN.

  33. Alice G

    So glad to hear your doing better. Everybody is different like you said so it’s hard to know what’s the best thing to do. I’ve had surgery to remove them, but that’s all and thankfully all went well. So I hope you continue to well. I bet you were wishing you had Rocky with you in that storm. I enjoyed watching your videos and would watch them if you decide to do them again. As long as you enjoyed it is what matters. Don’t want you to over work yourself and then thats not any fun. Thanks for sharing your story. That took a lot of courage. Don’t know if I could have done it. Stay strong and positive (you know, as usual). Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  34. Sara Pulford

    🇬🇧 Glad you are feeling better Tammy.
    OOOPS. Hope you didn't get washed away.

  35. Charles E Graham II

    I love the end where the rain and thunder and man that's my favorite time.. I'm glad you're doing better I hope everything works out..😎

  36. Susan Spring

    Im 56 i have not been on it i still get my paired still

  37. James Carryl

    You have to make up your own mind. You are the only one to deal with the decision. I did thourghly enjoy your daily vlog. Would love to see more 5 days per month would be good. Depending on your health and private life of course.
    Please visit Raspberry Rock ASMR. Another of my favorite channels.
    Take care and Stay safe in the woods.

  38. L.A. Naplore

    I would like to see more when you have time and want to do more vlogs. As, I told you before, I watched each one, each of the 14 days. I enjoy you sharing your life with us. ⛺🚙🐕🚣⛷👩‍👩‍👧‍👧🌲🐻🏕

  39. Susan Spring

    Yesss i doo

  40. Susan Spring

    I injoy your place i need to be in the country i cant stand the city life i love to move out of the city too

  41. sonya ledet

    Watched all the vlogs. Kinda missing you daily now though. Glad you are feeling well. Have fun backpacking. Hope Rocky is ok too.

  42. Tony Holmes

    I enjoyed the daily vlogs and would love more of the same have fun with your classes

  43. Mechele Dawson

    Wow, glad to know you are doing better! That daily was the only one I missed…so I went back and watched it. Scary things go through our minds when we're cofronted with news of that sort. Glad others were there for you and gave you their support. Really enjoyed the daily vlogs, it was just as much fun watching them, as it was for you shooting them! And yes I for one would definately love for you to do another series of them! Looking forward to the Fourteener with Madison! Yep when you are home…in the forest it shows because you glow just like the wood fairies! Take care till we see ya next.

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