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  1. Silverado Shooting Academy

    They got their @$$es kicked in the 1980's when they invaded Vietnam. They still haven't retaken Taiwan. They haven't proven they can do $#it when push comes to shove. All they can do militarily is suppress their unarmed citizens.

  2. Jacob Howell

    The decision was "reasonable."

    Just Mao's great leap forward! Totally reasonable!

    😡 F%$king idiots.

  3. Judge Rusty Johnston

    Notice the dictator's choice in dress for the day. No longer a $3,500 western business suit but the old Mao jacket. He is a fraud just like Mao.

  4. Kathryn Smith

    News report: Group of Chinese Migrants attempted to illegally cross US Southern Border at New Mexico.

  5. Delcio Alves


  6. Paul D'Ascenz

    So, should the US Economy! Be increased!!!

  7. Paul D'Ascenz

    China?? They are still a Communist Country!!!!

  8. Teh Wokest Bae

    But are they diverse?

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