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  1. Santos Gonzalez

    That’s a terrible question to ask about his eulogy

  2. DrewCSCo 719

    Weak….the only thing tasted was the fruit

  3. Tony Xie

    that question about eating dory as sashimi. OOF. even danny was shook… @4:34

  4. nkooutsider

    God I want Danny DeVito to sit on my face

  5. GOON

    She so pretty

  6. Ms. Relaxing

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  7. Randy Robinson

    wow they are getting old! 🙁

  8. Mightyloks

    I agree .. this wasn’t thought out questions were lame. Definitely not worth watching if you’re reading the comments first

  9. Talking Strange

    Those were weird and lame questions.

  10. Tony Jurkas

    These are terrible questions. Kaitlin and Danny are entertaining enough to make the video worth watching.

  11. silver velocity

    Happy birthday Danny Devito

  12. John jones

    Happy birthday Danny

  13. Everardo Andrade

    I 💨 fart a lot 🌹🌹 and smell like roses 🥀

  14. Big Boss!! #⃣

    3:46 wow that was actually hard to hear … what a dumb question

  15. PHOENIX 602

    Why did they get the 1 person who doesn't speak proper English to ask questions an interview.. Wtf can't even understand her/him.. Idiots

  16. armando carrillo


  17. LOL my legend

  18. affuvlogs

    Awesome 👍 👍👍 👍👍 👍

  19. affuvlogs

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