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  1. Paul Rice

    Men who are abused by their mother or father become monsters, skinhead, or nazis.

  2. Erica Boro

    Who else is reading the comments first to make sure no wastage of time?

  3. Sharon Agbenike

    This movie is boring there's nothing interesting happening in it 👎👎👎👎👎

  4. Darren Nicholl

    A terrifying frightening scary new horror I love it

  5. Rosann Ocampo

    Just starting to watch when I read comments. Gotta find another one

  6. Alexandra Rodriguez

    I hate females like that, he tried to push all that back, and fianally opened up to her, then she starts with the nagging "what if" "but". She asked for it,

  7. Deborah Kelly

    Not a scary movie , its like a stage production of family abuse and its effects, with a very unsatisfying ending ,

  8. Nives Baša

    I spend the worst 5 minures in my life…

  9. Christy Pilkington

    Someone must have gotten their movies mixed up. Bc the description of this movie said it's about six ppl involved in a bank heist. But it has nothing to do with that and it's not even a horror movie. I HATE CLICK BATE THUMB NAILS AND FALSE MOVIE DESCRIPTIONS. 😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤

  10. Donna Markelionis

    Thanks I thought it wasn’t 5 minutes into it.

  11. MeMoe Naegeli

    GOOD MOVIE 2019-11-08

  12. Dawn groundhog67

    This is the WRONG movie!!!

  13. Elizabeth Jonas

    whats the real name of this movie???

  14. Albert Chehade


  15. Brian Bavosa

    This was an interesting movie about family abuse it held my interest

  16. Windy Hicks

    I'm sorry thank you for the upload but the audio is so bad my dog can even hear it and she has her own earphone

  17. Goodie Gurl

    This movie seems interesting enough, but too many damned ads !!!! I'm outta here to something else with LESS ads!!!!👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👹👹

  18. zaskia anstasya margaretha

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  19. Windy Hicks

    These ads are hilarious. Nobody lip their house cat that gross they probably throw on some powder stuff and pretend like they're spraying it off like perfectly easy

  20. Fighter 13

    Another theater acting rejects

  21. John H


  22. David Sapir

    Still waiting for Lance Henrikson to appear, and wow is this an awful movie in every way.

  23. jade ac

    this is fake

  24. Tyron Frayne

    Nothing horror about this film it was absolute rubbish

  25. Kojoanna

    It was an interesting tragic film.

  26. Rene Abellana

    thanks for the comments, that i know in advance

  27. Jo Jo

    One of the greatest horror movie ever!!!!!!!!!!! The acting was horrible, the camera's horrible, the writing horrible, everything was horrible… Which makes it the most horrifying movie ever! LOL

  28. Frac Life

    I think this movie needs 1700 more fucking awkward pause moments to waste time and make viewer feel weird

  29. kenny kliff

    Why is the restaurant broad being such a bitch?! The cop is just trying to solve a crime. She's a total Cee U Next Tuesday…

  30. Aunt Kitty Hashtag

    This movie sucked big time

  31. Linda Nelson

    This isn't a horror movie called "Dark Awakening", it doesn't even have Lance Hennriksen in it.:/

  32. Tim Duenas


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