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  1. Rob Hollander

    This movie actually got a thumbs up from Roger Ebert – no kidding!

  2. Enevan1968

    Another jewel in the Troy McLure filmography crown.

  3. ajivins1

    Was that Peggy Callahan from The Bionic Woman? I recognised Link from Hawaii Five-O.

  4. Isaac Allerton

    This reminds me of an Adult comedy movie, made in the late 60s or the 70s about men who were dying because of oral sex, the strange part is it only occurred once a month – not sure if it was the same time each month – they called in a detective called Silverman to find out who/what is killing all the men. It was very funny. Wish I could recall the name of the movie, I would like to find it and download it. This one was good, Will Smith did a good job.

  5. georgelee43211

    flight of the bumblebee playing[lol].

  6. skylx08

    William Smith modeled for muscle mags dressed (…and undressed) in all kinds of goofy man costumes early in his career. So it was prolly just business as usual for all of them in this movie.

  7. James Grassia

    Guess they got stung.

  8. Isaac Allerton

    A good movie to watch on the weekend with buddies and brew. There was an Adult movie with a similar plot where men where being sucked dry — not of blood – but only during a full moon. A police detective named Silverman deduced that it was a female vampire and started eliminating suspects. I don't recall the name only that it was in the 70's. You could review it, I enjoyed watching.

  9. Oppeldeldoc1

    I think PART of the bad feeling about this film is that some people think it was meant to be serious. It's completely tongue-in-cheek, and I think it's very good at being that.

  10. Starving Martian

    As my plastic surgeon always said, if you gotta go, go with a smile!

  11. prince everlove

    More like "Invasion Of The B-Cups"!😝

  12. VonWenk

    Not one mention of Nicholas Meyer having written this during the whole review? The first time I heard of this movie my freshman year in college, that was one of the first things the T.A. who used it in an example mentioned and apparently the main reason anyone watches it.

  13. Jeffrey314159

    I think the original title for this stupid flick is GRAVEYARD TRAMPS. It was released on television in the late 70's with all of the nudity edited out, so it was thoroughly boring..

  14. Felipe Cardoza

    Amongst all dem titties, what did I notice? The one scene where a computer in the background is making the same sound effect that's at the end of Blue Oyster Cult's "Dominance and Submission"

  15. Kevin Ying Liu

    really funny.

  16. Donald Petkus

    Animals from The Lost Skeleton Returns Again. Also see Glen Talbots's entry a month ago.

  17. Donald Petkus

    Nicholas Meyer, director of 3 Star Trek films and author of The 7% Solution, co-wrote this epic, his first Hollywood credit.

  18. Tyrant Gregcag

    I don't think you can classify her as a hybrid, but I like Irena from "The Cat People".

  19. Andy Gabriel Grindsted

    I had almost forgotten about this movie thanks for reminding me.
    I guess girls and any kind of cats is a good hybrid. There is also the mermaid but ehhh.
    Cats it is.

  20. Mysterysoup Productions

    I didn't know that Playboy have playboy bees instead

  21. Mysterysoup Productions

    At least they don't call the bee girls Africans.

  22. Wayne Daly

    That doctor guy was great in the 1975 movie the ultimate warrior he was so evil, he makes a great bad guy.

  23. foamidable

    What about Vulvarine

  24. lesly demshaw

    cross a woman with an owl at least at night she'll be quite

  25. Lewis Doherty

    Remake it with a few changes. Since men die all over the globe during sex, run the pitch line: "Based on Real Events." Rename it DEATH BY ORGASM or, if the Godzilla creators won't sue, BOOBZILLA, or perhaps CLIMAXULA. Have a William Castle type angle, " There will be $25,000 insurance coverage for anyone dying of a orgasmic attack during a showing. There is nothing like keeping these high quality art films going.

  26. Raven House Mystery

    Catwomen. Whether they are in Gotham City, on the moon or in a Val Lewton film, no one questions it. Spider women are also a common theme in mythology, but I can't think of a well known film outside of "Curse Of The Black Widow (1977)."

  27. Dan D Doty

    Show this movie on late- late night TV  ( channel 11 in Saint Louis ) in , or around 1980.
    Lets just say I thought at the time it was the greatest movie ever made( this was before the Video Boom). 

    Whoever made know to aim it at , and they hit their audience with the first shot. Naked girls and mild lesbian action.

    Why Bee Girls?   Because cockroaches wouldn't have made any sense.

  28. Glen Talbot


  29. José Neto

    Free tits!

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