Daryaa | Full Video Song | Manmarziyaan | Amit Trivedi, Shellee | Vicky Kaushal, Taapsee Pannu

Now I love the god of Manmarziyaan all the movie streaming media – what is the heartbreaking love? By #AmmyVirk and #ShahidMallya clone,…

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  1. Deepa Pandey

    taapsee sucks everything else was great

  2. Shevy Sharma

    Movie to ek no ki he ye

  3. Arpit Sarupria

    Best song

  4. Shehbaz Singh

    Most underrated song

  5. Archit Chandra

    That moment when head lights turned on and Vicky pushed reverse gear and moves the car backwards with this song.
    The direction was just flawless ❤️

  6. Yash Verma

    Anyone listen in August 2019

  7. pranav chudasama

    This is song is mostly applicable for everyone life….Who loves truly someone

  8. Rubana Pereira

    Why isn't this movie available on netflix or prime… Im missing out

  9. ravi krishna

    Bas kaleja phat jaata hai har baar…Ek uski yaad

  10. Acoustic Tenzin

    Wow what a song i love it

  11. Mansi Erda

    Beautiful song yarrr 😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓💓

  12. Sushil Kunwar

    This song will always be close to my heart 💓💓💓💓

  13. ashish tiwari

    Who else is listening in August 2019. Love this song…

  14. Honey Singh

    So fucking fanatastic movie..and a fantabuloustic song and only 10M views…shame on ourself we don't appreciate talent..

  15. jigneshdevganiya

    The movie is outstanding, how can be i so stupid that i didnt watch in theaters..

  16. monalisha dutta

    Anyone 2019?

  17. SHIFz

    Tapsee😘😘😘 manmarziyan❤

  18. Arnab Maitra

    In every love story, there will be a climax. If both of u stand strong and fight against the flow, your love will withstand and u will have a successful love story. Otherwise, it will be an unsuccessful… so, have faith on ur love, have utmost trust.. u will win

  19. Varna Shivadas

    Anyone in 2019???❤❤❤❤

  20. nikhil awchite

    Why this song reminds me of my girlfriend which I never had 😅😂 😂

  21. Anil Dhariwal

    Sunny sarwan I love koaml

  22. Mayur Kudmethe MK

    Jab ye song..movie ke sath sunoge🥰 bahot hi feel hai yaar😘

  23. Niranjan Hiremath

    Saara jagg chhad ke
    Bas tainu hi hai chuneya x (2)

    Bas tainu hi hai chuneya
    Tainu hi hai chuneya

    Lakh kaha dil nu
    Par pher vi hai addeya x (2)

    Ho beh gaya hanjuan da daryaa
    Tere layi ki ki nai kareya
    Vekh jitte jee main mareya
    Ho beh gaya hanjuan da daryaa

    Oho kyun maane nain na mere yeh
    Oho kyun hat’te na dar se tere yeh
    Kyun maane nain na mere yeh
    Hat’te na dar se tere yeh

    Oho haan pyar sawal kyun hoya ji
    Oho ke haal behaal kyun hoya ji
    Pyar sawal kyun hoya ji
    Ke haal behaal kyun hoya ji
    Haan ji, haan ji

    Tainu khuda manneya
    Te tainu rab manneya x (2)

    Te tainu rab manneya
    Te tainu rab manneya

    Koyi nahi bhullda yaara
    Jivein tu hai bhulleya x (2)

    Ho beh gaya hanjuan da daryaa
    Tere layi ki ki nai kareya
    Vekh jitte jee main mareya
    Ho beh gaya hanjuan da daryaa

    Hanjuan da
    Hanjuan da daryaa

  24. NISHANT Mehla

    Bas kar pagle rulae ga kya

  25. Shashank Bagwari

    Love your life, someone meant a lot to you, and always have a view that "life is all about second chance".


    Mar jayenge shyd usske bina 😣

  27. gurdeep lalotra

    Love hurts believe me….its a nothing pain..menacholy…

  28. Bipin Singh

    Tapsee pannu kitni achi achi movies banati ha my favourate movie
    Game over

  29. prerna soni

    my only favourite song rn

  30. Sachin Bhardwaj

    In future someone will come and comment who is listening this song in 20**.

  31. Ravi Verma

    Life hi hamari pyasr

  32. lipika pal

    1st ad jisko skip nhi kia mene

  33. shreyas series

    I love u bhoomi

  34. ankita chand

    1.25x me sunoo
    Bhotttt sahiiiii hh

  35. Miss Ann

    Vicky 😍😘

  36. Akriti Saklani


  37. Aman Kumar

    Full movie shaere karo

  38. Swati Patil

    I love this song

  39. Gaurav Singh

    Tere liye kii kii nai kariyaaa

  40. Soumya H

    Nice lyrics 😍so meaning full 💕

  41. Jagjeet Singh

    Credit also goes to the singers Ammy Virk and Shahid Mallya.


    Best 2018 s9ng

  43. Solanki Dharmesh

    Amazine music by amit trivedi…. I love

  44. Robert Frost

    Underrated movie

  45. mukut mehta

    Nice song🎶

  46. gulnaz khalid

    What was on his shirt that he wore after the other guy came out?

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