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  1. jose enrico

    Just to show who is the real owners of the NBA

  2. daniel auman

    Trey Parker is amazing!

  3. Desmond Cheah

    What happens to former Clippers owner? Is it not freedom of speech? Human rights?

  4. its2realj


  5. GP

    I don't like western media depicting the HK issue as HK protesters vs. Chinese government/communist party. It is actually free-HK protesters vs. HK police & China sovereignty protesters & HK government. I feel like media intentionally neglect these parties and their side of news. It is actually democracy vs. sovereignty & anti-separation. That's why for those who know a little more about this issue say it is very complicated. They both have valid point, so, sadly. it will only get worse from here.

  6. Juan Vargas

    I wonder if huge salaries of these NBA players are directly tied to china as in would lebron get 30 million a year without the chinese market

  7. Caitlyn J

    Donald Sterling said the n word in private; See what happened to him. Morey post the tweet in public, we should support him on freedom of speech. Ya right. Double standard at it's best. Please understand racism in US = separatist in China. By the way, for the 100 years Hong Kong ruled by UK, they never had a public elected governor. Well, US didn't say a damn thing. Again, double standard at it's best.

  8. CTO Information

    communist China welcome the capitalism entertainment company NBA as a seller to sell their products in a communism country for more than 30 years with open arms , but 30 yrs later the capitalism seller still has to bitching about the communist buyers???? who is more free???? who is the bonehead????other countries don't have the freedom to choose the way to live???? American value has to be over the others???? trumps phone call to Ukraine was free speech, why try to impeach him then…… WTF, yall Hillbilly still live in the 70's, yall need to open your pig eyes to see the world, its a different world now.

  9. spade 1

    what idiotic commentators here,china govt teaching NBA how to write a statement in chinese??

  10. Lin Yi

    Using freedom of speech to defense is hypocritical. What happened to Donald Stering when he expressed himself FREELY about black ppl?

    It is weird that when freedom is hurting China, US defense freedom, and when freedom is hurting US, US defense himself…If this is not double standard what will be.

  11. Julian Lobigas

    Daryl Morey do not sell your PRINCIPLES for THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER (no pun).

  12. dtvqa

    China has free speech. The Chinese & CBA told the NBA to take a hike!

  13. Jason Yang

    Still calling it protest?Really ?U can even see from youtube that it is a riot

  14. Danny Le

    Cool China owns the NBA now

  15. P L

    China is just doing what American Cancel Culture is doing everyday. You don't like something, you boycott it. Isn't that what China is doing?

  16. Jarvis Juice

    The NBA are a bunch of weak sellouts….yet they try and come off as woke and virtuous

  17. ZHANG Steve

    We Chinese are simply not free to shoot each other like ur American idiots

  18. Jesse A

    This is what happens when you mix "woke" people in the NBA with real politics… (No LeBron, no Kerr interesting) They apparently weren't ready for a fight… I wonder if Morey were a citizen of China would he still have a job???

  19. Jinchi Wei

    Due to the long-term tendency of foreign media reports, the NBA did not realize that protester's current behavior has nothing to do with liberal democracy. It is the act of overthrowing the government's revolution and splitting the country. The Central Government and the Hong Kong Government must reflect on what happened in Hong Kong today, but as a public figure, openly supporting the mob and the country's division is totally unacceptable. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. Why was Donald Sterling expelled in 2014 for racial discrimination? Now that it is the turn of Hong Kong, it is fair to insist on freedom of speech. Is this fair?

  20. Daniel Tayong

    What is the difference between Saudi Arabia and China when it comes to human rights?

  21. Ray Zhao

    okay can someone please explain this to me….so NBA supports freedom of speech. So why was Don Sterling punished so hard to even sold his team over his speech against black people?

  22. Sean Pan

    The way NBA defended Rockets and Morey, it's more than a problem of one NBA team's trouble with China.

  23. Sean Pan

    ……and the Chinese people.

  24. David Luu

    But NFL doesn't have to worry about China though.

  25. Zuetty s

    Sure, if Freedom of speech = no respect to your customers in China which contribute 20% of NBA's income = 600mils USD!! Of course you should support your freedom of speech!! in fact, i will applause you for your deference of your freedom of speech!! JUST DO IT!!! 😉 What's money for, right!! WELL DONE, Daryl Morey!! I applause your guts!! make sure you STAND UP FOR your RIGHT!!! I just hope that US govt is going to fund for NBA Loss due to your speech!! GO Morey!! 😉 Gone Money…

  26. Bitz Leonard

    Typical double standards, arrogant and ignorant americans.
    Tell me why Donald Sterlin was forced to sell his team then?

  27. beta cai

    Why we are so furious is not only because Darryl Morey is publicly challenging Chinese territorial integrity, but also that NBA is double-standarding. You should know that former clippers owner was forced to sell the team because of his racist speeches. Up till now, nothing happened to Morey after his expressed his utter disrespect to mainland China. Freedom of speech never applies to every circumstance. Grow up!

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