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  1. Kate Joubert

    This video is so messed up. Tf.

  2. tou tou

    this shit bump

  3. Blessed NBA-_-

    This video old he doesn’t have his tattoo on his top right eyebrow

  4. Wavy J

    Man shut up he needs support not y’all niggas gassing on em do yo thang davine



  6. riena garcia

    he pathetic, like ew man i got no respect for yo ass now

  7. Firee Saphh

    This nigga sounds demonic lmaoo 😭😭 no wonder he was buggin home alone.. hearin voices & shit

  8. Elite Waver

    Damn all these Bri comments hop off his dick and focus on the song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. TRS DON

    Davine:bri I miss u i love u
    Bri:ok so
    fear me
    EVERYONE:oh u dont want bri back u lying cold ass bitch ass ***

  10. Elite Waver


  11. Caprizin

    Just remember hes working on himself , yeah he loves / misses bri but she isnt in the picture atm.

  12. Sevaan Wright

    It’s a music video hop off the man meat😂💯

  13. Cayden Henderson

    y’all needa hop off this nigga dick about bri he a rapper he gonna make a video like this girlfriend or not

  14. Hanel Sako

    I can’t believe u would do that to briii

  15. Marie Hicks

    Why white girls? Tf ew lol

  16. Bustan_Beatz

    0:39 fr davine? 😂😂

  17. TAYQUAN Gameing

    Bruh idc what y’all niggas think this shit hard as hell

  18. Kengston Gaither

    bro on god and haven how the fuck do u flex with white bitches but u wanna cry about bri that don't make any sense at all

  19. Tsmmake Williams

    Aye you a pervert and them girls in that video y'all thots know wonder why BRI don't want Your dum ass no more davine Your a slut🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙄 like who does this she been paying stuff for you and you wasted her time on some fucking YouTube tf davine I'm sorry but I'm not 🙄🤷‍♂️🤔🤦‍♂️ goodbye like this if it's true be honest

  20. Bella Banks

    you want who back. You know how bri is.
    That ship sailed and then crashed

  21. JayyLurkin

    Claim ya his “fans”but hating on him for making the song because of a girl 🤦🏽‍♂️ .Do u Davine

  22. J Dizzle

    Oh yeah he smashin👀

  23. Laney Cotton

    It’s a fucking music video like damn y’all needa chill the fuck out. It ain’t that serious

  24. Juddy Anderson

    Wait till bri reacts to this

  25. Bxby_s

    His a cheat he never wanted Bri back this is why she left him

  26. SimplyShotz


  27. lexis starks

    Too soon 🤦🏽‍♀️

  28. postmeup100

    Is it me or is her kitty out?

  29. Kailynn Foard

    I saw a butthole you really don’t miss bri

  30. Rebecca Styles

    All u think about is yeeks

  31. Jennifer Laville


  32. Bk Josh8

    Y'all just haters fr let a nigga live problem free

  33. Liyahjoe’s Vlogs

    Just stop 😤 woah woah woah you want her back but you got girls butts in ur face how how is this… idk

  34. HakeemErvingXI

    How you want bri 🤔 but sleeping with two females

  35. Joey Killz

    Who got the @‘s?

  36. Joey asbrock

    @50 seconds you can straight see that girls kitty cat😂

  37. E GANG

    0:39 you can see her pussy this is so gross Davine you called me telling her you miss her and you want her back saying that you love her and now you do this you're you better stay single the rest of your life with your nasty ass !! Make this blue if you agree with me🤮🤮


  38. alaina garlington

    u need to right a song about how u miss bre not that u fine bc u called her and said that u miss her but this not right tf

  39. Itznattibby

    And with them ugly ass with girls😭‼️

  40. Itznattibby

    And with them ugly ass with girls😭‼️

  41. Itznattibby

    But you still want Bri 🤷🏽‍♀️ that’s a real hoe right here‼️😭

  42. Caleb Kent

    So we jus gonna ignore the fact that this is heat 🔥

  43. Prospect J

    Got this shit on replay💯

  44. Dorko Talio

    They goin 🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟

  45. Kxrries

    Yo davine dis shit is actually fye

  46. Mahayla Lovell

    How you gonna produce music with other girls and you bri just broke up and you saying you miss her but doing shit like that ain't gonna help u

  47. Ahniya Pearson

    Why do it gotta be white girls black girls can twerk way better😭 I don't like it at all just bc of that

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