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  1. Dax

    Do you believe in God? This one was very personal to me. Share this with someone if you can relate and let’s talk.

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  2. Seth Eastman

    ill mind 8 or wha lol

  3. Wajih Naqvi

    How did he now mention that he was a janator?

  4. leslie aucapina


  5. kathryn rap

    So does he believe in God?

  6. ogKUSHMAN kush

    This music video is Racist.

  7. Jacob Stone

    Yo, I'm not gonna lie I usually don't fuck with your stuff BUT, you made a great song here… well done man, I'm in love with the instrumental but the lyrics meant something as well. Fair play Dax

  8. Oniel Marte Martinez

    maybe i will give you a chance to be in my playlist cuz of this songs and start listening to your music, even thought it feels like a ill mind hopsin 7 remaster is a very good song so maybe if you keep droping fire music i will give a chance

  9. Sue Rozon

    I don't really know if i believe in a God or Gods, buts this was so real and hit me hard.

  10. marquise byers


  11. Miki Jay

    Dax you inspire me a lot. Since the day I heard last words . May God bless you for that. I believe one day I’ll make it like you do 💯💯

  12. random crap


  13. robert navarrette

    we get it foo, youre a janitor

  14. Matt Brook

    You are God & and the devil.

  15. Byrnzyy

    Dad is so underrated wtf, he always brings the heat ❌🧢

  16. Mazterlolz2 GT

    I dont but im forced to

  17. NIck Lewis


  18. SamLikesPizza

    Damn this video touf

  19. lexitaffy_ yas

    Idek wat to say about this song but the video looks amazing

  20. Complex0key

    Lmaoooooo i just got this on an Xo travon vert add. Nigga paid a memer to help his music😂😂😂😂

  21. arabion knights

    Yeah brother
    I feel your passion.
    I wanna near this at a slower pace like tupac did.
    Great story line..

  22. ET_Luke

    Not only are the lyrics dumb the song is horrible

  23. Josii Jinx

    Protect this man …

  24. Egyptian_Avocado

    Amazing work.

  25. Ricardo

    God isn’t blak tho

  26. Squeaks


  27. Salomon K

    Absolute legend, I believe in God and ask these questions every day. 💯🙏🏽

  28. 1UP GalaxyPuppet

    ITS DAX!!!!!!!!

  29. SLappy

    I hope this message helps. God does not simply have to help us. He gave us this world and we sinned against him. The devil has ahold of this world. He makes u doubt yourself. If you notice, generations of God and Christian believers, they have become slim. People be like God is sleeping on u, but really ur sleeping on him. When was the last time u prayed, opened ur bible, did something good, bring somebody closer to God. I too am I victim of this. Do not be discouraged, God loves us so, he listens to our prayers. Yea they may not happen soon, but sometimes it takes years for God to show u that hes here. Somebody u wish that could be saved, but it feels like its impossible, have patience when it comes to things. God simply does not need to complete ur desires. We as a family/ true Christian's need to help others. Dax curses, he does not use it in a positive way, a reviler is someone who uses abusive language that we know that is offensive. I'm not saying to stop cussing, bc that is Dax's choice. I simply do not judge, bc only God can judge, we must judge righteously. To teach others what God has set his rules. He created us to be humble and loving, not to cause hatred and evil acts. God has done marvelous things for his people, such as in the old testaments. Jesus was brutally beaten and tortured and eventually killed. He did this for us, so that we may be saved. Christ gave us churches to bring his people together and praise him. For those who need saved, trust in God, he will set u free.

  30. Andrew Porter

    I may not be God, but as a Catholic, I'll attempt to answer all of your questions because I have great and unshakable certainty that God is a fact like gravity, and the Catholic Church, not the one the currently is called as such in Rome, is the One True Church that He made (see https://novusordowatch.org/):

    > Why is everything on about you a debate?

    Because error has been multiplied over the earth by a great deception orchestrated by those who hate God.

    > What’s the point of love?

    God is the end of charity and all things, for which that end is fixed and cannot be changed.

    > Why’s there only one you but multiple religions?

    Because the truth is rigid, and there are many who prefer their own will to the Catholic Church and the Law of God.

    > Why does every conversation end in a division?

    Because people prefer their own will, and it is such that one or both sides may be wrong in this day and age.

    > Why does everybody want to tell us how to live but they won’t listen to the same damn message that they giving?

    Because the same people who promote atheism hate God and prefer their own wills for the sake of useless pleasures, accompanied by some vain end that they are deceived by which is not God.

    > Everybody says you’re coming back then man why the hells it taking so long?

    At this rate, you won't need to wait long. The end is likely in this millenium and possibly in this century.

    > Why do I hurt?

    Because you follow your own will for useless and vain, fleeting pleasures and ends which never fully satisfy like the infinite and eternal which fully satisfies; we are made for an infinite God to satisfy us, but we must merit that satisfaction by charity.

    > Why is there pain?

    Because of the law of justice. Sin is an evil, and evil begets evil; whereas good begets good. The purpose of your present pain is so that you may not suffer eternal pain.

    > Why does everything good always have to change?

    You are in error; those things which are truly good are constant and immutable. God does not change; the truth does not change; reality does not change. It is what you have been told is good but for which is actually evil that you perceive as some good changing. Pleasure is not an end in itself, nor is our will.

    > Why does everybody try to profit off another mans work then destroy it just for monetary gain?

    Because man prefers his own will to the Will of God, and vain pleasures that are fleeting and do not fully satisfy.

    > Tell me are you black or are you white?

    It does not matter what the Incarnation's appearance is though He is traditionally held, and depicted, as white. What matters is primarily His spirit, but His Sacred Heart is worthy of veneration also.

    >Tell me where I’m going
    ; is it heaven or hell?

    That is your choice. Heaven is merited by charity. A man cannot work charity unless he has sanctifying grace. He must also retain sanctifying grace or else he loses the merits he gained. To receive sanctifying grace in the first place, you must be "born again", as you may have heard many a protestant say, but do not listen to the protestants who spit in the face of God; instead, seek the truth, become Catholic, be baptized to receive sanctifying grace; to confession to receive sanctifying grace again should you lose it; and to any Sacrament to increase your sanctifying grace: then, having filled your spirit with virtue, make others to do the same willingly.

    > Dear god where were you when I needed you?

    God is omnipresent, and God is the cause of all good and evil except for moral evils. All evils that are not moral evils, God allows for a greater good to be brought in you. Your present suffering is nothing compared to what could be eternal suffering. You may despair when you hear the words, "Depart from me, ye accursed, into everlasting fire." I oblige you to never hear those words. Trust in the grace of God, accept His grace, and earnestly desire Heaven, and Heaven will be yours.

    > When I fucked up and repeated it?

    God gives to all persons the grace necessary to be saved; He does not give all the grace to be sinless and free from suffering and error on earth.

    > When they set the bar and I exceeded it?
    If you exceeded it, it is only because God allowed it or caused it. Your power is not your own. You are not the origin of your power, or any power.

    > How do I take this darkness and turn it into light?

    Become Catholic, and do charity.

    > How do believe in concept where I speak to A man I’ve never seen with my own two eyes?

    If you are asking how you can believe in prayer, then look no more because my prayers are answered daily.

    > How do I know that religion wasn’t made just the separate the world and create a whole disguise just to keep us in these chains while the rich get richer and poor pray to you and perpetuate a lie?

    Because the Catholic Church exists, and will never cease to be to the end of time.

    > How do I know this Eint some big joke?

    Because you cannot change reality; your temptation against faith makes you weak only because your faith is not Catholic.

    > How can have Faith when there is no Hope?

    The three theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity are infused by sanctifying grace which you can only receive from the Catholic Church.

    > How the hell does one man have 100 billion dollars and we still have people on the street dat are broke?

    He isn't Catholic, but I am.

    > Dear god
    Do you hear me?

    God is omniscient. Besides that, of course God hears you. He's waiting for you to use the means that He has given you.

    > I’m supposed to fear you but you ain’t said shit so maybe you who actually fears me ?

    Fear of the Lord is a reverential fear, the fear to sin against God.

    > All I want to know is who really made religion because I know it wasn’t you but don’t nobody believes me

    You are one of many, as am I; the difference is that I do not speak on my own authority, but on the authority of God, on His Church, the Church He made.

    > bring back King

    > bring back X please dear God let their souls rest protect who’s left and watch their steps

    In bringing you out of slavery, you have only found yourself in another form of slavery: a slave to yourself.

  31. Azim Qureshi

    Religion is meant to unite all races such as Islam. Life is a test and faith is guidance.

  32. Lil Sheep

    He dissed ksi.
    He dissed tory lanez.
    He dissed god.

  33. G Bobby

    God loves you Dex! Keep doing what you love and it brings joy to my heart to see that you acknowledge Christ. Romans 10:9-10

  34. Kyle MacMillan

    I feel like I've seen this before…. Oh That's right ill mind of hopsin 7.. no new ideas these days

  35. J. J.

    Great lyrics and it hits you right there. Very personal and it relates. Thanks Dax

  36. Digz the Swag King


  37. tayfun şen

    Subscribe please


    I’m getting some of that “Ill mind of Hopsin 7” vibes from this track and as a firm believer of God and a Christian this is a debate I think everyone needs answers to but in all honesty I think people who are having second thoughts about Christianity and Christ are ones that truly love God and God will open their eyes to the answer very soon and he’ll make his presence felt through their bodies and will guide them to the way of the Holy Spirit.
    P.S This song is truly one of your finest work Daniel (DAX) and I believe this will get your name out there more and you are definitely turning heads and making producers and labels doubting not picking you up earlier

  39. Ailen Inocencio

    God listens. 💖

  40. Taylor Trevino

    When he said bring back X I immediately started crying.

  41. Yap Whip

    Good thing god doesn’t exist.

  42. Anonymous Joey

    Hahahahahaha he said maybe god is scared of him. Hahahahahahahaha umm no. Where were you when god laid the foundations of the earth? Haha what a foolish statement.

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