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  1. Retha Slager


  2. Al Grande


  3. Vieve Sweetser

    Girls are the future, respect us.

  4. Mannie Remey

    I do that every morning amd 🌙

  5. Breeze Kashiie

    Ok but this was my shit in 4th grade

  6. jowerls DJ

    Esto es arte🦋

  7. Fla Frαnc

    november 2019?

  8. Palash Jain

    Anyone from 2050 🙄?

  9. miss_ sampat

    I do like this song, it’s catchy but it’s about female empowerment but she is actually insulting other girls “And all the other girlies wanna wear expensive things”. It’s all fine writing an empowerment song but you’re insulting other girls to push yourself up and I get I can’t write a better song but bullying girls who want to be ‘Barbies’ is a little unfair. I know it’s a catchy song but it must be better to make a song that doesn’t drag other girls through the mud while empowering themself. Have a good day.

  10. ruwaina fadul

    this video is cool 😎😎😎

  11. that gacha girl sapphire

    This teaches woman that you always have to be perfect just for boy like girls one-day will rule the world so don't always sit still look pretty 😉😊😼🤟

  12. Muzammil Ansari

    I don't be sit still look pretty😝😝😝

  13. MightBe Crazy

    Daya you speak my language

  14. Naomi_Television

    Daya's music is really good

  15. Naomi_Television

    This song brings back so many memories

  16. Lara Luísa


  17. Cassandra Day

    Anyone else here from Pitch Perfect lol?

  18. Lina M

    Cant wait to see you at We day

  19. Bruno Garza


  20. Bruno Garza

    dimond rings

  21. Aka ri

    Intro sounds like BTS

  22. Skyler Anderson

    this song always pulls me out of a bad mood

  23. Elmira Nova


  24. Brynn Wulfekuhle

    I listened to this song on Spotify and YouTube

  25. Candice Carr


  26. Olivia Morris I love your channels

    I love you so much

  27. First Crush

    CatchItFirst on http://www.firstcrush.co

  28. soccer fan

    This is for sean

  29. Kitty unicorn 56

    What is with the strippers

  30. Blood Fang

    If cleaning is not for a lady atleast work like cmon the husband should do the chores work and take care of the kids fuck no

  31. Lily Hill

    This song is still a bop

  32. aydee peperoni

    Love your voice and everything, but the reason this song was made for and the lyrics are just making me really disgusted. I'm really tired of girls telling me not to do what i like, that it's wrong. If i like dresses, then what? You don't like them. Fine. I don't care. But if i do, you shouldn't tell me im stupid for doing so. If i like pink, ok, so what? It's just a goddamn colour so don't start telling it's a disgusting colour and that i should die for liking it. I'm tired. Just so tired. And this song doesn't help, at all.

  33. Epic Guy

    This song came out in better times

  34. Garibubu Princess

    why does she sing like she's dying of lupus

  35. jhenifer jeni


  36. _stranger_ x

    love so much

  37. Jean Tek-ing

    Yeah! this song really touches my personality and I really love being a woman who can stand on her own. We don't need men in our lives to be complete. We ourselves is enough.

  38. Babu Moshai

    Love you…..Daya😍😍😍😍

  39. David Alfonsi

    Ok with this beginning goodbye now to ask siri to recognise a song by whistleing

  40. Kadie Dinoo

    Plot twist…..she's an lesbian lol jkjk

  41. Amin Guides

    I love you my love

  42. MissDreamChaser

    finally found this song hohoho…

  43. Karen Quinones

    i love this song because it takes risk to be like this song because this song is talking about a strong girl

  44. walteresther123 marmotnetinez

    Love it!

  45. Nur Mrang

    2020 anyone? i am still waiting for someone else from future.

  46. Maja Bakota

    Iam love this song iam sit still Look pretty c: : D

  47. Zoeplayer_ Zane

    2019? anyone uwu

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