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  1. Free Bass

    Fancy wavy overlay is distracting as fuck.

  2. amorino .m

    thanks…. very useful tutorial DAZ and Ps

  3. aki ross

    The opacity thing, is something i learned by accident ,haha. . awesome tutorial!

  4. Thomas Geddes

    Thanks man, youre a good dude, I really appreciate the wealth of info you bring here

  5. Animation Deviation

    Great tips and very easy to follow, thanks.

  6. Michael Nielsen

    when I edit my jpeg file I want daz to automatically reload it. Is that possible?

  7. adam armstrong

    thanks again

  8. loszhor

    Thank you for the information.

  9. Did It.

    Shannon i Have Daz studio 4.9 pro. But still i am suffering problems to run genesis 3.. plzz solve

  10. Robert Vega

    Great Stuff!!! Whats the pose set you used here? and the hair?

  11. Paluxy L.

    Great tutorial , is it possible to modify the same way the color of the hair or the eyes ?

  12. 3D print Costa Rica

    I am new and I have the problem that when I load MIKA 7 and put clothes (Mischievous fairy dress) I get a message that it does not find some files and are loaded as "boxes" in the character.
    I have manually uploaded the files to: C: Documents DAZ 3D Studio My Library.
    For example, what are new poses if you load them, but clothes, hair, etc. They come out in the form of "boxes".
    Thank you for your experience and help.

  13. L. Cleveland Major

    If you want your lace to have transparency, in you image editor such as Photo Shop make a separate map in black and white colors. The parts you want visible should be white, and the parts you want invisible should be black. Save that in the jpeg format, with the name of the texture and the suffix Transp.

    Now in DAZ Studio select the surface that has the Red Lace textures you made. In surfaces find the Opacity channel and click on that little box like you did for the color map. Browse to the folder you saved the texture in and load the Transp map into that channel. Your lace texture will be red and see through.

    Another thing you can do to make the lace finer is tile it by using a tilable lace image you can in your image editor tile it and scale the tiles down so that the pattern repeats in a regular fashion. Do this with both the red colored lace and the white and black lace maps. You will greatly improve the look of your lace by tiling it to repeat its pattern

    Enjoy and Stay Awesome!.

  14. Detroit Photoshop Tutor

    Thanks for sharing! Great tutorial!

  15. ImTheDaveman

    I've been at this for a while now, maybe 4 years I think – and yet I am still learning new things, or things i couldnt understand from another tutorial from someone else. I'm a very slow learner, and would be lost completely if it wasnt for you and others like you willing to spend time doing tutorials for us. Thank you! Your efforts are not wasted. I rarely comment on tutorials but yeah, you should know, your work is not in vain.

  16. AlienRenders

    To split up surfaces… if you use the geometry tool, you can select the polygons of any section (select one polygon and then "select connected" when you right click on screen is often useful when the section is physically separated from everything else) and create a new surface. You go into the "Tools Settings" tab and right click on surfaces. There's an option there to create a new surface from the current selection. Then you use the surface selection tool to copy and paste the old surface into the new one so that it looks correct. Now you can turn off each part individually and modify them individually. It's a little bit of work, but can open up possibilities even more.

    You may have to use the iRay Uber tool on the new surface before copying the surface if it's not copying the surface properly.

  17. Ken Morris

    You simply rock!!!! Many thanks….

  18. Art Cid

    I love your tutorials, thanks for making them. there's a lot of valuable information. When you were doing the lace, can you not also create and use a transparency map? I am new to Daz, but in Poser I create transparency maps to create textures and also mask out parts of the clothing instead of having to model something or adjust a piece of unwanted clothing.

  19. Alexandru Leuca

    Thank you for this video! One of the most informative videos on using Daz. I know your specialty is painting , but please keep in mind there are a lot more good tutorials on PS painting (paid and free) than there are for using Daz. Thanks again!

  20. Philip Sydow

    Really enjoying your tutorials, Shannon! Looking forward to more on your painting techniques using Daz renders as a starting point.

    As far as the lace texture goes, although Daz can read png texture files, if you want to preserve the transparent parts of the texture, you have to create a separate transparency mask. It's a bit more work in Photoshop, but nothing too difficult.

  21. Janet Williams

    Wow, thanks for the tips. I will be using them. Funny because I was thinking about lace and other patterns, you answered it.

  22. ES Tilton

    This video was a game changer for me. Thank you!

  23. Karen Hughes

    Thank you Shannon for all your wonderful tutorials which I've really enjoyed….:) Keep up the great work!

    By the way, DAZ can read PSD files which makes this method even better because I can keep all my colours, patterns, etc in one big document – thanks again!

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