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  1. Beth Meyerson


  2. Sayuri Fujita

    Thank you Beth Meyerson, this has been informative. I am creating a health policy for a competition on 'food desert,' It will relate to land-use regulation and impact on food desert analysis. I hope to earn a graduate degree in Health Policy and Management.

  3. Htin Kyaw Thu

    ႊBeth Thank you so much for your explanation, I found it very useful and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture especially small p and Big P. I have a question that what defines a good policy and for a policy to work quite effectively it needs a good political system ? in cases of country with let's say not perfect political grounds is it possible for a policy that could actually benefit the public to grow ? where should we start in such cases ?

  4. Yemisi Palomeras

    thank u soooo much

  5. Julia Bucher

    Why is HHS action a little p? The who did it is HHS — still the govt. Help! jb

  6. Dan McKenna

    Good job on this Beth.

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