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  1. Jonte Peake

    No water was hurt in the making of this video

  2. ignis

    have i ever heard a song better than this? no.

  3. yvng enxxx

    This trailer for the Denzel curry movie is fire 🔥😂

  4. Gush Pole

    Intro is super dope🔥

  5. Emilie

    Didn't get shit but damn he fine 😩

  6. Hiếu Kuro

    I actually didnt regconise Denzel at the first seconds

  7. Uzumaki Naruto


  8. К PTG

    Русские привет, ежжи

  9. Wes Dolan

    This is art

  10. Rain Rain

    a warning wouldve been nice on 1:11

  11. Cesar Vides

    Hard, with a capital H

  12. Devin Homan

    Denzel fan here. Although he is a little inconsistent with his music, he drops a banger every once in a while. This is one of em. Good work man. Most underrated in the game 🤟💯🤭

  13. Dj Allworld

    real rap here instead

  14. Paul Cedillos

    Shit more dezel. No bs

  15. sesi dornoo

  16. daca citesti asta mi l sugi

    nice song

  17. Kieth Stone

    kinda wack

  18. Malek Mars

    Like the song but loves the message in the video. He cut out the b.s lyrics to speak up you directly

  19. CaptainsCrib

    ISSA MOVIE!!!!!!

  20. Frederick Day

    *lil yachty scratchin his head

  21. An Equal

    Big fan, but Denzel Curry ugly AF lol

  22. Tsm_Lito

    He look like waka flaka

  23. Ski3hub

    This man is so underrated. Hes one of my favorite artists rn.

  24. bin chicken

    Bulls on Parade brought me here. If you know, you know.

  25. Lanette Thompson

    If you can make it in Miami, you can make it anywhere! #FloridaGrown #305 👌🏽🖐🏽

  26. John

    I have so many questions…

  27. Shane Seaman

    that benz would blow the doors off that weak ass vette lol

  28. constantly_emitting_light

    Am I the only one that wants him to grow
    his crown back? Them locs looked godly.

  29. Matteus Rabel

    Now this is how a music video should be made! I like the use of clear structure and setup throughout the video and the obvious thought that went into this while still creating something that is effective to the song. Great song btw

  30. Laggy Ice

    Most confused I ever been

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