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  1. Will Oliver


  2. Alex Pujol Besga

    Gods of Deathcore

  3. grindcoremaniac

    So damn good

  4. Remmy 315

    God damn this is even better than Purgatory. That tone is fat as hell. This album is gonna be filthy. ❤

  5. Dennis Henrique

    Ills of Modern Man's vibe
    Hell yeah 🔥

  6. Isaiah M.

    Make Deathcore Bree Again

  7. Nordic Prince

    Bree bree love

  8. ThisFuckingBitch

    oh yeaaaah

  9. Dazz Freeman

    This is bananas. The kings are BACK.

  10. Jacob Boone

    Despised Icon is back. Feels like I'm 23 again. 33 now

  11. Heavy metal chainsaw -

    Very much Ills and Mourning stuff here, but it's just all around badass. I love these guys. Stoked for the LP. So much good music this year.


    Holy Shit 😮🤘

  13. Joe Suralta

    🐍 in the 🌾

  14. Core Community

    OMG 😮😮😮

  15. Keelan

    Cobra Kai never dies

  16. Kyle Grayson

    Epic! So glad I got to hear this song early two weeks ago and see these guys live! Much love from Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA!

  17. Farhan Rayeed

    The part he said 'BREEE BREEEEEEEE BREEEE' really hit me

  18. MeThallCore Guy

    This is the modern deathcore we like and we want to hear. Fuck yeah!

  19. tinkoasd

    They're the generic version of themselves. Never seen such an auto-ripoff.

  20. DemonizedAlucard

    Fuck yes can’t wait

  21. Onwaxwings

    Those brees gave me a boner

  22. Voice Of Ruin

    BRUTAL as fuck!

  23. Un Dead :v

    Kick ass song

  24. Travis Wisanggeni

    Damn..i like this distortion..yeeaahhh

  25. SpeakingWith Monguera

    that's what i expect coming from this band, fiiiiiire!

  26. Rufio Spenz


  27. Brian Halfe

    Snakes in the grass? More like pigs in the grass

  28. Mort Dod

    omg I hope these guys never retire again

  29. Mike Rush

    So fucking heavy. Anyone else over the bree vocals though? Hate that shit

  30. 03xE0

    Time to chill and relax!

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