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  1. Uriel, Shadow of Saturn

    Welcome to Versalife. We make Tomorrow look like Yesterday.

  2. Adam Demeter

    The word 'Obey' flickers few times

  3. cr4yv3n

    OBEY !

  4. Lando Calrissian

    It gives a sense that you are under cover

  5. stanswitek

    Thanks for the download

  6. xXx_MLG_EMU_420_xXx

    That Deus Ex symbol looks like ILLUMINATI pyramid!

  7. Fortefyde

    Don't forget dem leather boots.

  8. Gerald Dürden

    Aprendes más de conspiración en este juego que en cualquier vídeo de dos horas.

  9. apocalypserik

    i have a big smile on my face after reading your comment

  10. Night Shader

    Omg, lol! I felt that same way as well. And now im part of a data entry position working in my own cubical office. I think i should bring my ipod to work the next day and listion to this nice tune.

  11. ZidaneTribal93

    I want to work at Versalife.

  12. RMJ1984

    Thats not true. i was even there nope not in any way shape or form.

    Silent, stealthy, deadly and unseen!.

  13. Stephen Ramey

    What ever happened to poor Eidos…i miss their good games…lets hope the new Tomb Raider is good, if their still behind it anyway…? Music rocks though!!

  14. Stephen Ramey

    sowwy, i onestlee apolojize. No but seriously i really am sorry…

  15. TheKrustaceox


    Worker 1 : Party time in Versalife!

    All: Yeeeahhhhhh!!!

  16. TheKrustaceox

    pliaze learrn hown nut to be an azz-hole onz teh internet.


    Still conveys the image of being inside a high tech futuristic biotech corporation

  18. emlmm88

    System.out.println ("Your life is augmented") ;

  19. skywalkerlajos16

    Thank you. 🙂

  20. Wasmachineman


  21. Stephen Ramey

    please learn how to spell properly…

  22. skywalkerlajos16

    Can I get permission to level 3? 🙂

  23. Alef Gaio

    Fucking God, this is amazing — a dream that came true actually!

  24. Onemaster

    If I ever open an own firm this music will be played from huge speakers 24/7.
    And of course it will be a tech company.

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