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  1. L

    2nd time this year, Romaine lettuce found with ecoli bacteria!

  2. Shell F

    You are what you can absorb. Plants are not absorbed well to human physiology. Meat, saturated fat are the mega food for the brain.

  3. Some Guy

    I'll have a pizza with anchovies. On second thought, hold the pizza. Actually just the anchovies.

  4. dmiller1000

    There is definitely something to all this – there is some science, yet the piece points out that there are very few studies, and only very recent ones. There's probably more we don't know than what we know. Dave Krugman looks like he could be Paul Krugman's son. Just a guess – no science behind that.

  5. NibiruLives

    What they don't tell you here is that olive oil leads to diabetes.


    Right. It's two things. 1) eating nutritious foods and 2) not burdening your body with toxic food. And yes I said toxic. Sugar is a drug. Most people are addicts. That's not an exageration.

  7. Jeffrey Slotnikoff

    As a type-1 diabetic of almost 53 years, I can unequivocally vouch for the fact that diet affects one's mental health. I have had literally hundreds of low-blood sugar episodes in my lifetime. And one of the ways I can tell that I'm having a hypoglycemic incident (without resorting to finger-pricks) is that I will feel depressed. Depending on how low my blood-sugar is, I can become so totally discombobulated that I lose all sense of self, motor control, environment, etc.
    But as soon as I eat something, all these symptoms totally disappear. In fact, just a smidgen of dextrose (a type of sugar) in a Splenda packet can help me to start feeling "normal".

  8. Jones


  9. Brian

    Awesome message that we all could benefit from. Thank you!

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