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  1. Gini Stewart

    Love it and LOVE your southern accent!

  2. Ellya Brill

    Hi Sarah..she is right. I could not understand one word. That is after you are mentioning "after I select all of those white spots I am going to go in to " (what?) tool? Which a tool on the left top. Thanks Sarah…..Thank you for this tutorial. I need it. But please let me know what that word is for that tool. Thanks againn

  3. Chooksrule

    Thank you for all the tips!!

  4. iryn low

    Hi Sarah, thank you for this useful video!! Wonder if its normal that when i open my watercolor work in Photoshop for editing, it becomes blur when i zoom in even though its 300dpi? thank you so much!

  5. Mirr Diana

    The tutorial is very helpful. Thank you Sarah!!!

  6. Maya Lila Di Vento

    Hmmm you lost me at 6:37 select/deselect….. not sure what you mean there.

  7. Brandyn Atherton

    You have an interesting accent! What areas are you from? Just curious.
    Nice video – it helped save a lot of time for me and my current project!

  8. Carolyn Harper

    I'm sorry, but your wording makes this very difficult to follow.

  9. Niloofar Ebrahimi

    بسیار عالی خانمی 👌👌

  10. Corey Frazier

    Thanks for the video!!

  11. mahmud hasan

    sorry to ask you but if you don't mind can you please share me the music link you added on the middle?

  12. Jennifer H.

    Tutorial begins at 1:36

  13. Rochelle Storts

    Thank you! This was such a helpful tutorial!!!

  14. Teijna Pickrell


  15. The Story Hunter

    I love this tutorial, it was so useful for me. I am starting to draw and paint, learning all by myself and I am so grateful when I find this kind of tutorials! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Emma Sektiaji

    Hi can I do the same with my copic marker drawings???

  17. Marisa Ma

    hi sarah! can you make a written tutorial, step by step? thank you before ☺

  18. Marisol Acosta

    Hello Sarah! This tutorial is wonderful, do you use Illustrator to vectorize your watercolors?

  19. Ellya Brill

    Hi Sarah….do I have to have Photoshop CS 6 and Illustrator for this? I need to digitize my art. And they are so expensive. Is there an alternatives..?? Thank you. Love the tutorial by the way. Thanks again…

  20. Tanvi Patil

    U r so cute

  21. Rafael Ramírez

    Nice 🙂

  22. Barbara Kirchheimer

    Hi Sarah, this video was super useful! I wanted to ask you: I scanned some watercolor drawings at 600 dpi and when I make them bigger it looks pixelated. Do you think that by scanning at 720 dpi or more the quality will improve or do I have to paint bigger drawings? this answer will help me lots! Thanks so much

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