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  1. Disco Fries

    Enjoy the vid!!!! 🍟🍟🍟

  2. Dj Deer & Owl RadiHouse FM

    2:16 LOL

  3. DopeMusicPlaylists24/7

    Love this one

  4. jeff schumacher

    I know what's a disco biscuit, but dafuq is 'disco fries'?

  5. Ikram Danial

    Spinnin is my morning drug ♥️

  6. The Chill Bit

    They got it percolating alright 🍟🔥

  7. Iván Tapia

    HAPPY TWENTIES MY SPINNIN'TV!!!! Thanks for the most powerful music in the world! <3

  8. I AM DRY

    0:003:10 Just Lovely

  9. Christian Ozorio

    Catchy Sounds From Disco Fries 🎶🕺🔥

  10. Tracy Hall

    Love this song and the video was genius! Thanks!

  11. dadsfadsfadsf

    This was flippin' awesome and I'm not even sure why.

  12. Felix Kersgens

    Really made a club banger out of it!! 🙏🔥❤

  13. Bart Osa


  14. Gabriel De Lima

    Mary j Blige is so nice!!!

  15. Gumballantoniowell Van Watervillason Flomero

    Sick track of the week🔥🔥

  16. sassinho

    Merda, eu postei um bootleg uma semana atrás dessa música e bloquearam, seus lixo

  17. Filip Popovici

    4 hours ago

    Wow this is the closest i have ever been

  18. Dj Mix Amor

    Another plagia !!!! Any mention of remix or about the real composer of this song !!! PLAGIA !!!!!

  19. Jose Heredia

    As much as I want to dislike this male version of Mary j I can’t.like the vibe.

  20. Bassified

    It makes you wanna dance. Amazing track !🔥

  21. Himanshu Jain

    By seeing what spinnin records approve these kind of video music🤔

  22. Faiza El Heddadi

    I don't know which beautiful eyes تنظر look at my comment to read 😍 but my Lord is happy if you click subscribe to my channel.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Angel Silva

    I'm sitting rn but on the inside I'm dancing wildly to this 🍟🔥

  24. Keisuke Tanaka


  25. carls Camacho


  26. Minh Thiện Nguyễn

    Quá phê quá phê quá phê =))

  27. fatih esen

    OMFG 🕶

  28. 50k subs without a video

    pin this PLZZZ


    Disco fries better than gay french fries

  30. Björn Gevers

    Zegt is tegen ons bjorn gevers

  31. Seng Tuck Leong


  32. kèhbab

    You started with so much potential
    Then a Melbourne bridge.. Wtf?
    And an idk meh ish drop

    Too bad

  33. Stake Vibes

    This guy is unique!
    i'm listening to this while i'm eating potato fries what a coincidence 🍟

  34. DJ Wiz

    I wasn't hoping this type of family affair from DISCO FRIES 🍟🍟🍟 .

  35. anas rabhi

    Would be the best if no voices or vocals AVB type

  36. Appoleayo

    I Love this video 💓
    I Love this track 💓
    I Love the style of drop 💓
    Don't know this genre 🔥
    Help me to find out. ✌️

  37. Ana Banana TV

    Ooooo ok I’m feeling this … love the Mary J Blige vibes reminds me of my childhood what nostalgia 😍🍟🍟🍟🕺🕺🕺

  38. Illumi Music

    Love the groove in this one! 🔥🔥🔥

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