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  1. 80's dirtbag

    when humans were actually fun and not robots

  2. Steniur -


  3. nasser yousif

    This song was stuck in my head for the whole day ❤❤

  4. kevin melendez


  5. Be Well With Danielle

    I adore DIIV 💓

  6. Accelerator

    Almost lost this song.

    Damn am I glad I found it again.

  7. Nike Onanuga

    the beginning made me cry. whenever I envisioned this song, that was exactly what I saw: my childhood friends and I getting excited about a wave while wearing clothes we didn't care about. I'm so happy.

  8. Darko

    Yea this song and the visuals is emotionally overbearing. It makes you feel and you don’t know why- a masterpiece

  9. Eric Flores

    Music like this should be played on the radio not that crap they play now…

  10. LLiff Lykos

    Whats up with the car accident

  11. Anime Greece

    Cry, love, feel lonely, depress, happy, nostalgia… Wtf is this!!??

  12. LemonPuffs

    2019? 🌹

  13. Richie D'Onofrio

    Great video and editing

  14. Masamune

    This song is structured almost exactly like "When I Sleep" by My Bloody Valentine and it's perfect.

  15. Noctis Lucius

    Algum brasileiro que curta música boa?

  16. Hylke Alkema

    These types of videos have something magical but i cant explain it

  17. Lara Horhor

    the epitome of underated songs

  18. sean johnson

    244 comments approved, well said every one, I hope we all live our best life!

  19. bloodceremony


  20. celia ayneto

    wow !!

  21. queso andante

    Nice! I like this style of music and guitar playing.

  22. Jo Mukabire

    I feel we came after many people and we shall be there before many other people… Life is a big fly wheel… It keeps turning

  23. Jason De Luca

    Patagonia sneakers and sunglasses

  24. Shadow

    Words cant describe how amazing and beautiful this song is

  25. afterstars

    They should put this song and video combination in a time capsule that opens in 1,000,000 years.

    So when the human race is gone with all other life form and aliens visit our desolate planet they can discover this video as our only sign of existing.

  26. Mine Histórias Fodas

    Come to Brazil pls

  27. Rob Lewis

    reminds me of the old reels i found in my grandfathers attic. had to fix the old projector. was the first to watch them in decades. set up my digital camera and captured as much as I could. no sound but that of the reel running through the machine. dubbed it to pink floyds Dark Side of the Moon and gave it to everyone during the Holidays. first time I made my family cry without fucking something up. magical

  28. Michael Waves

    Everything reminds me of her, I cannot forget

  29. Yee

    Gorgeous. Thank you

  30. Vladislav Parshin

    I don't know if cry or nostalgic sleep.

  31. Velvet Rose

    My heart dude🦋🦋

  32. corvs

    This is already on loop.

  33. Wydozv ExYeest

    4:13 minutes of heaven.I dont wanna be in this life i wanna be in this song forever

  34. Jaime Guzmán

    When i saw them playing live last year, they played that song and i dont know why it made me cry, i felt so sad and happy at the same time, i was drunk but it was a beautiful experience

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