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  1. خديجة حسين


  2. Gloria Odiah

    Thank you very much madam. What is the name of that design book and where can I get it. Thanks again your tutorials are always clean.

  3. aira joy manuguid

    I like your beautiful work..😊

  4. Le Dung

    So good !!!! I will buy your book.

  5. SewWithLove

    Great work 👍. I love the accuracy with which you realize your projects.

  6. Hadeer Mohamed

    جميل جدا ❤❤❤🌷🌷🌷

  7. Sarah MO


  8. Caro R.

    Do you explain each steps to create the basics pattern in your ebook ? (Based on our individual measurements ?)
    And which ebook ? There is one at 15$ and one at 53$… I don't understand the difference between them 😮

  9. Annette Jones

    Thank you Zoe! It's brilliant 😍😍👍🏽

  10. Kika Kika


  11. Moussa Moussa


  12. Jani Salcedo

    Dear Zoe, Beautiful as always.

  13. Marnitah Masidin


  14. Татьяна Турцева


  15. Diana Mesa


  16. ideal fashion


  17. Sew with Shella

    So cute 😍

  18. к а

    Ставлю лайк👍как все профессионально сшита и понятно умничка молодец 😍

  19. Sara Lopez

    Wowwwww es tan bonito! Me encanta!!

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