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  1. Richard Clements

    The mind is a muscle too, it too needs rest.

  2. Harry Tzianskis The God of Speed

    You said you liked Trolls Willie. Why you keep removing my comment?? I copy and save so its like nothing for me.. Always one or 2 steps ahead Willie! ha ha ha

  3. Stefano Mantegazza

    You two are amaizing!! Bravooooo

  4. Darko Darko

    Thank you Willie, great video! ❤

  5. Trevor Hayes

    The look on your wife's face at the end! What did you say?

  6. Xtra999

    What again is your new team?

  7. Luke Toms

    instantly recognized the supermarket and bus stop SOLDEU Andorra have good memories of this place. do you live here..

  8. Cameron Gray

    What a relaxing, chilled out video. Loved it Willie. Music choice was superb 😎

  9. DAG

    Extremely nice!

  10. wrightwoodwork

    Great vid Willie and stunning scenery.

  11. Peske tarier

    „using the wrong muscles „ my trainer used to say

  12. Manny Samaniego

    Very nice video Willie…who's the guy given the speech in the background of the sound? Do you have a link for it?

  13. Hampton Lansdowne

    That place is beautiful! Great video and camera work

  14. Matt H

    Nice video. Keep them coming. You can buy mirror cleaning kits btw :smileyface:

  15. Robin Owen

    Fantastic video Willie, extremely important message to put across. I use cycling to combat my own personal problems. Greetings from UK

  16. Lucians

    Nice music

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