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  1. China Uncensored

    I wonder if this is going to backfire.

  2. Сперти за правду

    Those Chevys sold in Shanghai are made in China. They didn't get a bit more expensive unless parts come from the USA.
    So are those currency traders going to show up again outside The Friendship Store in Gubei?

  3. robertastk

    Great episode! Thanks guys! Keep it going!

  4. Black Swan

    All that humor with a straight face. Chris, you are awesome.
    And you compete with mechanic Scotty Kilmer (TX) in posting crazy inserts

  5. Tony

    Once you understand the origin of the Petroldollars by Nixon in 1974 then everything makes sense to you. https://youtu.be/Mtba_KqCmUQ

  6. Mi, Amor

    Had a little giggle when you mention winnie the poo stealing honey" 😂😂😂🍯🐻. Because i always say that on this channel:) and keep fighting Hong-Kong!!
    Remember muslims/Chinese people of the western part of China!. They live in a digital prison!
    Remember a Tibet
    Keep fighting Hong-Kong

  7. Brennen Cox

    4:10 Is the justification for increased tariffs due to a trade imbalance or due to WTO violations?

  8. Cyberfoxxy

    The layoffs is already happening. Mainlanders say this year is the Chinese winter. After my employer disbanded the company i spent 6 weeks finding a new job. I had sent applications to well over 800 companies.

  9. PyroRomancer

    China's economy was merely artificially strong.

    While US economy stayed strong in the face of billiona in IP theft.

    Who's do you suppose is going collapse first in the Trade War?

  10. 因果律

    I'm living China,they devaluation of the currency and printed a lot of money to the economy.cause all goods and foods prices are going up. I even can't eat meat now. Inflation has been too high and incomes too low.terrible things are happening in China.😣😣😣

  11. Cyberfoxxy

    30 billion dollars is lot of money. Unless of course you're throwing trillions around in which case it's a drop in a bucket..

  12. Jamie Coyle

    Are they retard?

  13. Fouzi Kouache

    China create industries all over the world, USA create wars to steal your oil.
    I'll side with China in this trade war

  14. freedum freedum

    kris, you sarcastic sonofabeach,,,,,,,,,,,,lovit…keep on it

  15. Vivekanand Swamy

    That recoil is painful to see

  16. Mickey D

    Yesterday, Yahoo! Finance published a video with a title claiming China had sent the PLA INTO HK. I didn't watch it, figuring it was click bait, & there wasn't much of an article, accept who reported the lie. But the fact they use such a title confirmed my suspicions that there are some Yahoo! staff working for the Mao/Xi regime. I read a few comments, & no one seemed to believe Take heart. Even though Trump keeps crawfishing on tariffs, the rest of the government is standing up for HKers & condemning Beijing & Carrie Lam & their police force, & doing something about them. https://www.hongkongfp.com/2019/08/14/us-politician-introduce-law-suspend-sale-crowd-control-gear-hong-kong-un-criticises-police-use-force/

  17. Foton Icon

    Contempt for the customer–brand suicide.

  18. Rhelrahne Vi Satanis

    Honestly the people of Hong Kong should just sing "Do you hear the people sing singing the song of angry men it is the music of a people who will not be slaves again when the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes". In regards to the P20 Pro and P20 they are cheaper then Iphone or Samsung equivalents yet host neither's features and MIGHT and i absolute stress MIGHT hold security back-doors for police which in my opinion isn't a concern as for performance and reliability i think they are excellent i've had mine since my 14th birthday (No my mother wouldn't even consider buying me a new Apple or Samsung phone) price to performance (and size) is why i actually have it since it works. Has a good camera. and is powerful anyways pretty good video as usual watching China Uncensored via Huawei phone makes me laugh whenever i do it

  19. I Lőrincz

    That clip just doesn't get old.

  20. Pseudo Prophet

    Chinese companies will simply refuse to pay the dollar debt, go bankrupt and the replacement will be there in 2-3 months with all the same people and products.

    China is not like other countries, be very careful.
    Stop all technology from getting into China.

  21. billstev100


  22. Evan Jones

    Shanghai GM Is majority owned by SAIC (a chinese company). It was handed over after the GFC. There are no ( significant ) exports going to china. actually the US is buying chinese made GM's.

  23. VT Brian

    Already pulling back on tariffs. Japan has plenty of rare earth minerals. Biggest issue is China in Hong Kong could collapse the world economy by sending ripples of fear into markets. China and Russia and US could call for a gold backed currency with no CB's in the way

  24. Charles Yeo

    I don't know… I don't think those debt are such a big deal. Companies in china has a way of making debt disappear, especially foreign ones. Those bigger companies will have the government backing to keep it from going under. And there is realistically no way for foreign banks to collect on chinese creditors, if they choose to default.

  25. Ricardo Santos

    Chinese efforts are cute.

  26. Nicholas Narcowich

    You know, when I started life, "Made in America" said Quality. I am so sad, that was taken away after WW2, as the Japanese made – well, most, not Nissan – quality, a major priority with whatever they did. Why did America stop? Tomorrows report. They cared not for next week, next month, let alone the next hundred years. . . they are in business now, but, why care about Tomorrow if you only have Today's investor's to worry about? You care for nothing but NOW. That is America's biggest problem. Tomorrow; But, there could be a cure. Read "The Goal" Jeff Cox & Goldratt, it is a love story, Business Recovery, Production Improvement & recovery manual all rolled into one, plus, it is fun to read – required reading for upper management, when I worked at Stanford Applied Engineering. Many years ago… Chris, love your videos 🙂

  27. Sidney Mathious

    I hope the Chinese government does help out their companies and U.S. consumers by lowering the prices goods sold here. I need to get anything made in China ASAP to make up for that difference before the prices goes up even more.

  28. atilla hun

    Thanks for the good news.

  29. INERT

    "…why not buy a Chinese car instead?"
    I can think of a good reason: it is crap filled with counterfeit crap built out of crap and built by counterfeit robots built out of crap who were built by children with crap for brains, who are paid crap and who eat crap for sustenance.

  30. Tim Tams

    Fuck China!

  31. Mez JF 金美灵小姐

    Chris, are you fluent in Mandarin Chinese? Just curious. Been enjoying your show for 3 yrs now; keep up the great work to your team 😁

  32. Arianna Nöelle

    Hong Kong Police fired a projectile into a young woman's eye.😢

  33. Bam Quisha

    hi chris, i heard china had plans to deploy troops at the border with hong kong, any updates?

    Edit: boarding –> border

  34. asa felix

    love china uncensored

  35. tom gage

    Do the tariffs apply to Taiwan?

  36. XGeohound

    Sure, sure, but come on! Give China some slack, they are being attacked in their position and try to defend it with the options they have at hand. Some of those actions are risky, shure, but it's not that black and white honestly.

  37. 张宁


  38. Winnie the Pooh

    Chris you're invited to "Fun Camp" come get your ticket in Beijing

  39. Kaleckton

    Ahhhhhh the feeling you get when no one has trained you on what recoil is.

  40. Curtis Tucker

    China has threatened to stop rare earth exports before but the U.S also has rare earth resources. However those mines were shut down because of cheaper Chinese rare earth imports. If China stops exports the mines can be reopened. However doing that takes time and I hope that someone in the DOD is already working that problem before China actually does something.

  41. Movin On

    You should do a show highlighting the widespread and virulent xenophobia on Chinese social media, news and such.

    Chinese are dumping the few American products even available in China, they are going full boycott the USA and are doing it with unmasked hatred, even from government representatives.

  42. studinthemaking

    Did the sun come up today?

  43. Nunya Damn Bidness

    What kind of entitlement bullshit…no one has to buy your junk. China doesnt need the US.

  44. Eric Hopper

    I read a story about China deploying the 'nuclear option' from a trade war perspective. This seemed to involve their influence with other countries. Would you please do an episode on this supposed 'nuc;lear option'?

  45. Nunya Damn Bidness

    Trump is destroying the economy just as the simpsons predicted.

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