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  1. Carol Howard

    Presinency and hump ….. is he having a stroke ???? And people are applauding??? Do people think he’s not having health problems ??? Oh my gawd !

  2. Lynn

    He is saying exactly what Donald Trump has said and done..They are trying to steal his message. The problem is they wont do it.

  3. T Stelle

    Joe Biden ? Health problems ? The man has no soul. His health problems should be the least of our worries…

  4. Robert Flask

    My Dad had 2 himself. Trust me, you're never quite right

  5. Asher Parkinson

    There needs to be a mandatory physical and mental examinations for anyone running for any public office.

  6. All The Colors Contracting

    President Hump ..😂😅🤣👏👏👏

  7. mark galetti

    Distraction tactic is all Joe Biden was to left's Democrats. Nobody wants anything to do with a tainted obama cronie.
    Accept a paid audience…

  8. Rudolf 88

    He is Mentally ill for sure….

  9. Casper Side Winder

    If he were to win, his handlers will do his job.

  10. overtcovert

    He’s a drunk

  11. overtcovert

    Biden is NWO

  12. overtcovert


  13. Big Boy

    He got the blood eye from looking though key holes while stroking himself.

  14. Pam Frederick

    Biden is still an extension of Barack Obama!

  15. Pam Frederick

    Biden needs to go! TRUMP HAS THE WINNING MESSAGE!!

  16. David Jacobs

    Like most politicians, Biden is a fraud and always has been. His plagiarism in his speeches from his prior failed attempts to run for president should be sufficient to disqualify him, but liberalism is a mental illness.

  17. Albert Mas

    He got a severe Senile Dementia. No doubts about that!

  18. King Miura

    Ruthie Bader Ginsburg sez he is simply too old….the human brain changes in a person's 60s.

  19. Tony Manak

    Maxine Waters enabler need to go also don't forget Nadler had an inexperienced to on senate floor it could have been a stroke and could have been a heart attack but people get too damn old it's time to move on get rid of them and move on

  20. Richard Gobin

    Hilary Bill Nadler Biden Pelosi Sanders are all over the capital hill……..go away

  21. Roisin Mangan

    Hump 😂😂😂😂

  22. Deplorable Arab

    The economy is so strong because of Trump, not inspite of him.

  23. Michael Hunziker

    No need to go there. Biden has zero chance. Move on to the next victim

  24. Missy Norris

    Biden had slightly more than moderate speech aphasia at the beginning of his campaigning, suggesting a recent mild right-side ischemic stroke. He was having frequent difficulty placing his tongue to pronounce words correctly. (Like a Novocain injection that numbs half of your tongue). His condition has improved but his brain has not rerouted his synapses, in the effected parts of his brain, to anything close to resembling a full recovery. And most likely, he won't completely recover. Indeed he is a walking time bomb for another stroke or aneurysm. Being easily fatigued is another sign that he is not fit to be POTUS.

    As to Biden's speech, the last part, he literally plagiarized the theme of a great America from President Trump's 2016 Campaign. Democrats, trying to "STEAL" President Trump's thunder, who of thunk it?

  25. Dawna Huff

    yep~ pedophile mental problems~ and mayb his corruption has caught up with him~ like Clinton🤪

  26. Laurie Herget

    Easier for him to be a puppet.

  27. Cognitive Gyre

    "We can do anything…" says creepy Joe except have a balanced budget, build a border wall, or prosecute Learner, Clinton, Comey, Strock, Page or anyone Democrat who has broken the law.

  28. James Dalton

    Hey Joe, 🖕

  29. John Scott

    Actually I would prefer Trump's transformation than the one Obama was promising us or any o fthe Democrats at the Climat Change Forum were promising us…….I choice individual liberty over enslavement to the government….

  30. doug m

    He will stroke out after when the race gets stressful. Done.

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