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  1. Beastmen Delegate

    I don’t know, it seems like Mike really has his hand on the pulse of things, I cannot imagine him saying anything so out of touch.

  2. Joel Martinsson

    His logic is: You're not a dictator if you can be overthrown.


  3. Phil Yo

    How dumb do you have to be to be a billionaire?

  4. Nathan Kayhan

    What a load of inane drivel!

  5. Nathan Kayhan

    Isn't it obvious that Bloomberg running third party would ensure that Trump wins a second term?

  6. Joshua C530

    The idea that moving coal burning power plants out of urban areas, is in any way a solution or a move to improving emissions on a global scale, is laughable.

  7. Karl Marx The Bolshevik Rabbi

    Remember that Sam Harris endorsed Bloomberg on Joe Rogan's podcast.

  8. Mike B

    enough with the sinophobic nonsense, expect more nuance from MR than this clickbaity bs.

  9. Post Yoda

    They have 2 million innocent people in jail without any trials. A democracy indeed.

  10. Citizen Media for We The People

    Its a zero sum gain for a BILLIONAIRE to spend 100's millions to protect his wealth.

  11. Jay Krainert

    MBS also not a dictator……

  12. Micah Schultz

    I was told I wouldn't like this Bloomberg guy, yeah they were right I don't like him.

  13. Epsilon1192 -

    Didn't china just plant billions of trees to try to help fight pollution/climate change. Doing more then the US government has recently.

  14. Luvon

    This guy is an asshole – he sounds pro- authoritarian to me. No human being likes to be told what you are allowed to watch and read and this is what China does day in and day out to its citizens. That’s a dictatorship.

    Them doing things like moving coal plants away from cities is because it’s in their interests to do so. You can’t say that means they aren’t a dictatorship.

    The reason why billionaires think like this is because they run organizations that are authoritarian in nature and only have to answer to a few shareholders (if any). They run authoritarian institutions and support corporate control over our lives.

  15. Bubba Litious

    I think I know what Bloomberg means: China is not a democracy, but its leader is responsive to the country's oligarchy. That's what matters most for Bloomberg, that the political system be most responsive to that country's oligarchs. In that sense, the US and China are similar. Chinese oligarchy is a party oligarchy, and US oligarchy is a billionaire one, but in both cases their interests are the primary influence on the government's policies. Everything else is secondary to him. He's an American oligarch, and he's running to make sure the country remains indentured to billionaires like himself.

  16. One

    HOW THE HELL IS THIS MAN A DEMOCRAT. He's going alt right.

  17. Cool Breeze

    Anyone who would vote for him is an idiot. The issues in America are deeper than people like this. We have a nation of idiots. That's the real problem.

  18. Mark Herron

    Wouldn't the U.S. or is this country already, becoming more and more restrictive of our constitutional rights. Also, corporations have corrupted the people's ability to have a say in how we structure capitalism. See Richard Wolff in this regard.

  19. I Would Prefer Not To

    Only anarkiddies, fascists, and Capitalists think China's leader is a dictator. China is the most successful Marxist country in the world and has virtually eliminated homelessness and food insecurity.

  20. DARK modp

    This channel is ran by libs of course 😂

  21. Ewarton Charlton

    Sorry China doesn't have a "Dictator"
    I get it – Bloomberg is evil – I'm NOT a neo-liberal or supporter of his.
    But you can't called an Leader from a one party state a "dictator"
    Its just incorrect. You can criticise the system but its NOT a dictatorship.
    And he was correct – China is doing loads against climate change. 6 out of 7 dollars of renewable dollars in the world are spend by China. And compared to the US they way ahead on Green Issues.
    Never thought Id be id agree with Bloomberg.

  22. youteub akount

    Wait a minute. You can't really discount everything he says. The chinese government IS doing things for their people. They're also doing things against their own people. There are no democratic checks and balances. But to imply that Xi Jinping would still be in power and unchallenged if he wasn't doing some positive things for the Chinese people is at least too simplistic.

  23. United States of Gaming

    Hope Satan takes him back home ASAP!

  24. Hans Gustav Solberg

    "No government survives without the support of the majority of its people."
    Reality is that a dictatorship survives as long as it has the support of the armed forces. That's how it works. Always. Only exception is in the case of a military intervention from the outside.

  25. WH Mutley

    "Fund this! Get it through legal things!" – Millennial

    "Harrumph" – Boomberg

  26. S.Y.N.

    The question was flawed tho, if you believe the numbers China has installed way more renewable capacity than the US has. and they actually have a government that doesn't deny climate change.

  27. Gnarrkhaz

    He's filthy rich. Of course he doesn't think like a normal person.

  28. Noel Noel

    Not pro China but it’s definitely not a dictatorship. Words mean things…

  29. Lindalee Law

    America, we are sliding back to the 50s… Communism is rearing its ugly head.
    How can ANY real American ever see good in or support any other way but a Democracy.
    If you want such extremism, THEN MOVE, because YOU are why America is a shit show.
    Trump has no soul, neither do you.

  30. Orphan Annie

    Did you see the cringey Bloomberg "commercial" by Judge Judy on Bill Maher's show?  It was horrible.

  31. Damacles9

    Bloomberg's rhetorical "ok" shows how dismissive the oligarchs are to ordinary people's lives and the issues they care about every day. Smh…

  32. Kong Wee Peh

    Xi had to win distinct election to move to his current position. All the CPCs in power does this. It is not total democracy, but he had been elected by his people. It is correct to say people give CPC power. He doesn't have to power to sign exclusive order like Trump did, just to add. All his policies has to go through centre committee and people congress.

  33. TheEvolver311

    If Bloomberg can teach us anything its that there is no effective way of treating male pattern baldness.

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