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  1. Doug H. in VA

    Nice to see a real singer step up to play the guitar lead so well… that guy is a real pro

  2. Tony Wiez

    Hey, Yo red alert to Randy Bachman and the Guess Who cuz it looks as if the Doobies stole Burton Cummings

  3. Bob

    @William Sollenberger, who is the justin beaver you speak of ???
    timeless , brah, timeless music here

  4. disco07

    It is what it is. Glaydin

  5. Lena Gladh

    Love your music !!!!

  6. Carlos Laerte

    Voces irmaos,fizeram e fazem a cabeca de muita gente mundo afora com your music. Rock n Roll,rock n soul, it all types of rock,haa biker band de primeira. Forever Doobie Doobie Forever

  7. James S.

    When music was great

  8. 2004grandcherokey

    Dislikes for this band are clearly from people who don’t understand what music really is.

  9. paulj0557

    I figured the whole thing out on guitar by memory last night. Kind of habit forming.

  10. kurt krause

    Say howdy, China Grove….🎸🎸🎸

  11. Dale Demanchuk


  12. Fred Herfst

    Burton Cummings… Some similarities for sure..!

  13. Markus Andrew

    Does anyone know if this concert is available on DVD or Blu-ray? I'd love to see the entire performance.

  14. Journeyman

    Hell, as time goes on this music just gets better!

  15. Lena Gladh

    Love their music, always…

  16. Dan Tana

    mid- 70s, 4 or 5 rows back from center stage at Appalachian State- their harmonies were amazing and just rocked the house- one of the best concerts I've ever been a part of

  17. Ronald Poddig

    Never new this was an actual town till I moved to San Antonio.

  18. Chris Trudell

    The sad thing is is that Justin (please love me even though I'm a tool) Beiber will get into RRHOF before Dobbie's. Sad eh?

  19. Sierra Esquivel


  20. Len Drury

    Lead singer looks like he got hit in the face with a shovel

  21. alan5047

    Back when bands actually played live and showed their musicianship…hard to believe they have been this good since the seventies and are still rockin'. Saw them live with two drummers and they were awesome!!!

  22. Lena Gladh

    Love doobies music !!!!

  23. Guy Tar

    It's just not the same without an all Gibson guitar lineup and strictly power chords… (and I don't even own a gibson, but I can certainly hear the difference)

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