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  1. Cohen Xu

    He has engineered lots of 'Black Hand" activities on China. Would China trust him ? Talk going 'really well' may soothe the market awhile. But come next week …….

  2. PolyTicks

    Vapid fake tanned doucbebag is a one trick pony who has no intellectual integrity nor credibility. Fuck you, Trump.

  3. Wildboy789789

    please please, u orange retard, my stocks cant take the abuse

  4. Liu XiaoBo

    Don't ever give this evil CCP a chance, please.

  5. Russell Henderson

    …If you don't think its going well…ask Michael…he's my attorney….ask Rudy…he's my attorney…ask Barr…you all remember Barr

  6. James Lyback

    Trump is 100% on target. We are beginning to see the true evil nature of China's intent. You can side with American values of freedom or become a slave to Chinese materialistic values.

  7. dafttool

    On today’s episode of Chopper Talk, Don the Con peddles bullshit,… very expensive, branded bullshit

  8. zoro

    Um ok

  9. Milton Knowles

    Did you know Donald Trump has really Little Hands I mean look at them though they are really little like baby hands that is my opinion on politics

  10. the truth


  11. the truth


  12. M E

    I’m optimistic he will screw everything up even more.

  13. Ang Li

    He went behind america's back and negotiated a deal, collude with china now!

  14. O’ honey

    Big FAT liar! Remove the corruption/him now.

  15. Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.

    Give the Chinese leader a Winnie the Pooh Bear.

  16. R Chandard

    Let me guess, your going to have a really big chocolate cake…. LOL

  17. Ash Walton

    Resign already you embarrassing pathological liar 🤥

  18. Christian

    “I’m optimistic I will fuck this up.”

  19. hgrantii1

    Good Job Trump…… wouldn't have to save the baby if you didn't Drown Him In The First Place…… DA

  20. NotMe Us

    If he's optimistic then that means China must have something on Biden because it's obvious by the farmers on welfare that he doesn't give a damn about America

  21. Trevorkian

    While the fake news media prays that he fails

  22. Bugatti Boss


  23. Old Woman

    Guess a lot of bankrupted farmers–and those on the dole–are no longer optimistic. In fact, I think they're finally figuring out they were conned by a lying moron.

  24. OneDeep

    Give them the NBA.

    Done deal.

  25. Fern

    Fuck china to the. Ying yang sir. Tariffs up the kazoo for china. china is U S. Worst enemy sir Mr Pres Donald Trump. So my comrades tell me

  26. N. O'Doyle

    He wasn't clear enough for me…. is it going well?

  27. Fern

    China is an enemy of the U S. And an enemy of its people. Tienoman Square

  28. Run Runit

    China is attacking California right now with energy weapon's https://youtu.be/wjPp49C36Is

  29. fire works

    There are gonna be two big loser in this trade war.
    The other one, the United States.

  30. Depcom

    Freeze frame at 0.01 and a big faced orange fish appears! LMAO! I laughed so hard I couldn't watch any more!

  31. Sabine Around the World

    Trump sounds just like
    Ted Baxter, from the Mary Tyler More Show. He puffs up too.

  32. Victor Espino

    So nothing happened. But a meeting coming soon.

  33. Victor W

    The Chinese government never keeps its promises

  34. James Vollan

    Trump keeps on talking about the negotiations with China yet nothing is happening. It may be going very well for China but not America. Trump still thinks he can bully China, he is wrong.

  35. timber_beast

    Worthless words from a shabby conman

  36. Bob

    Legalize cocaine

  37. Andrew Victor

    He's probably going to trade your social security, credit card, and bank account numbers so his daughter can get more trademarks.

  38. Soon Forgot

    I'm optimistic that if you aren't impeached we will just kill you. Don't worry. According to trump jokes counter laws. So just kidding but definitely gonna hang your fatass. Haha?

  39. VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII

    How dare he be optimistic about America.

  40. sativa shiva


  41. Ralph Rivas

    this guy lies a lot…he is a BAD JOKE….

  42. inlay zhou

    OH WELL,VERY WELL ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  43. Old World

    Negotiate to have them stop polluting their own country and Earth. China's air is literally unbreathable. We can and have survived without their cheap knock offs.

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