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  1. orellana13

    Wow nothing but trolls here

  2. Justin Mitchell

    China deal will be like the wall that never happened

  3. Wayne Martin

    If Trump signs any deal it will most likely cost the election or at very least a dozen seats. USA Farmers won't be immediately profiting instead what a deal shows is USA weakness and encourages China to hack and perform terrorism acts on a global scale. Trump needs to impose sanctions not f**ing tariffs!.

  4. 中華傲訣

    The only Temporary way to help America is to elect Bernie Sanders , a Democrat socialist. He has the support of the younger citizens.But we all know he won’t be elected, for sure. We know how America electoral system works. Do u guys know what save the Americans from WW2 and spur it to take over the superpower reign from the Brits?Ironically, it is the New Deal policies of President Roosevelt. They are socialist policies.

  5. 中華傲訣

    There is not a single top politician in US and the West who has the mental capacity to rationalize things. In other words, no pragmatists( because their system doesn’t allow pragmatism to take place) All look after their selfish , little vested interest , rather than the society interest . No wonder, US doesn’t recognise ‘society rights ‘ in the UN human rights council. Oh, they have withdrew from Human rights Council.

  6. Craig Spain

    No to any deal, ever, with the communist chinese. They are the enemy, and rightly so. Make the tariffs permanent, delist chinese companies from the New York Stock Exchange, and ban chinese students from American universities, where many steal anything not nailed down.

  7. Pam M

    Weak trade deal ? And the Dumbs trade deal is better,….oh wait , you don't and never have had a better trade deal. You would rather capitulate to China and Iran too!

  8. Darlene Sjostrom

    Why even allow comments of Canadian news stories, it is all americans commenting!

  9. kali koka

    Him and Biden and trudeau and the others sold us the China for cash. 5g social credit beast system. Iran connections also. Traitors.

  10. Victork32

    There is no trade deal. What a joke and the American people actually believe it. All to get the markets to rally. The markets are all rigged and Potus is in charge. Keep printing money USA, well done!!

  11. Malcon Malcon


  12. tvdruggedzombie

    Globalist News loves chuck

  13. MrTeanotCoffee

    China banned the letter N. Who cares what USA has to say. do you know something? nothing

  14. Jay M

    In new China Trade Deal, Trump to finally admit US FED is the biggest, fastest, most perfect currency manipulator in the world, that he can assure us.

  15. Buay Buay

    We majority love Donald Trump and impeachment means being a best president ever 💪🎺✝🇺🇲🇸🇸🇳🇿🇳🇴🇬🇧🇩🇪🇨🇵🇧🇻🇧🇷

  16. Buay Buay

    We majority love Donald Trump and impeachment means being a best president ever 💪🎺✝🇺🇲🇸🇸🇳🇿🇳🇴🇬🇧🇩🇪🇨🇵🇧🇻🇧🇷

  17. Meme Mine

    Oh man! GlowBULL is an Orwellian dump of crap.

  18. regular donkey

    That's right chucky…you guy's would sell out the entire country

  19. Carlos Amaya

    This foker is the most dangers men america never have disgustin and the most dangers american and political

  20. daver5150

    Yah like we beLIEve anything DTS Schumer says at this point. [DS] puppet xx

  21. Sulim Chew

    Chuck why do u a lot to
    Import 500 billions of China goods every year to America neglected the tax’s n make China so rich n America loss millions of job n almost loss your Apple to hua way if not of trump ,chuck u hv destroy America ,why blame on trump?
    U make America streets full of homeless poor America n 50% of America dun even hv 500 dollars in the bank ,how sad n why chuck n the media blame on trump ?why?
    Why ?

  22. Rem Pandel

    The woman next to Schumer seems like she is smelling something a foul odor

  23. John West

    Chuck the Schmuck Schumer is an obstructionist for the NWO

  24. deniece donnafield

    I blame the Democrats for causing all this to happen… I'm a Democrat and I won't ever vote for another Democratic leader they are pushing a new democracy of Nazi communist socialist and Marxist ruling…. They're right up the tails of the red communist Chinese….

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