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  1. Hapi Me

    as Chinese born in Democracy country i fully support China move, Hong Kong teenager action is way too much and destroy harmony against the laws suppose should not be against with! Now Hong Kong citizen more like terrorist.

  2. Sylvie Byrnes

    Elections have consequences. We are being dragged into Trump's swamp, and probably a radioactive one at that. The last thing in Trump's mind is what will be best for our country

  3. Sophie Newstead

    Poo dump

  4. Sophie Newstead

    Poo dump

  5. Alba1970

    America needs to stop interfering in other countries affairs

  6. Michael Kahr

    It's ironic that Rachel talks about Trump not being democratic and acting as President in his own business interests only but at the same time demands pro democracy 'help' for Hong Kong.

  7. Michael Kahr

    A CIA instigated protest can hardly be called 'pro democracy', Rachel. If any protest were to be pro democracy it should be in the US. With the extreme wealth divide democracy has silently ended there. Voters elect representatives that represent corporations only. Trump is just the symbol of democracy's death in the US.

  8. sean doherty

    As a foreigner my primary interest in American politics is due to America's role as the undoubted leader of the free world. I knew Trump would be bad in that role. He is so much worse than even I could ever have imagined though and so far nothing seems to be able to exercise much control on that, – the Congress -the judiciary etc. The great battle between the forces of freedom and the forces of authoritarianism may be about to be fought and on the side of freedom the world is being led by a man who thinks it makes us weak and aspires to run a country that could function more like N Korea. He is more worried about his forthcoming new property developments and their success than whether free countries can continue to survive.

  9. E P

    So much corruption.


    The Clinton create this monster regime ! Its gonna hurt America one day !

  11. Best Bast

    The super wealthy dont need another huge tax cut, vote blue 2020.

  12. Sam Joe

    i guess money from brown people is sweet for white nationalists

  13. Richard Christie

    China may be beating its chest but has it removed children from their families yet?

  14. 漢仔

    Snakes ssss great for u, fake news . turning white to black. Shame on u

  15. Gabe Dudley

    More leftest terrorism as someone shoots up ice facility. Media silent of course. Why do you still hang on to the left? Cant handle the truth? Power of the ego. Let it go my friends. Its time to wake up.

  16. Internet Marketing Maps

    Wow! Wake up people, MSNBC the Fake-News Network, is now blaming President Trump for the current unrest and the Chinese government's firm response… Lest we forget, Hong Kong was given to the British in perpetuity after China was defeated in the opium wars… Under the terms of the treaty of Nanking in 1842, Hong Kong was ceded to the British and renamed 'The New Territories'… However, in 1898, the British signed a 99-year lease and pledged to hand Hong Kong back in '1997'… Under the terms of that lease, the British also guaranteed Hong Kong's security until 2042… So, the question the Hong Kong people should be asking now is: "Why are the British now? …Communist China is massing on the Hong Kong border, ready to invade at a moments notice… The British should recall that appeasement with the Nazis in 1930 lead to WW2 with millions of deaths on all sides… Britain needs to honor their commitment, and protect the FREEDOM-LOVING people of Hong Kong from Communist China aggression immediately. 👀 🧧

  17. Dan D

    Use drones to spray germs that'll make the protesters sick. Then they'll stay home and sleep. Happy ending. No need for troops.

  18. whiteaxxxe

    Remember the Romanov family? Well, do that to the Trump family. History will reward you.

  19. Luper ionic

    Were experiencing one of the most critical historic moments in the development of life on planet earth, and Trump is using it to sell another hotel

  20. Chris Lee

    As if the trump clan and trump Whitehouse have any credibility to begin with 😂😂😂

  21. Plínio Valente

    Hey! You voted for this criminal oh wait… You gerrymandered this criminal into the WH.

  22. Paul Heads

    Bad credit so no art of the deal.

  23. Roger M

    This man keeps screwing up the country more and more and more and more and more and more it's really ridiculous everyday it's another crisis upon her hands soon very soon you're going to see people protesting and people fighting with police out here eventually you will see it trust me

  24. Richard Marchant

    Donald Trump has sold out America for cash Republicans have sold out America to stay in power when this is over they should all hang

  25. Andy Woohoo

    The Chinese army involvement and the violence is what turns the Moron in Chief on, it is his wet dream to implement it to the USA so he can rule for life. Funny how the coward always take side with any anti democracy country. He is a disgrace and a menace to the whole world and to peace of any kind, how could this moron be elected president is still beyond belief.

  26. Naimul Haq

    MSNBC is not a credible news source. That being said, it is not easy to fool the Chinese, who are winning the trade war according to the Americans themselves. On the other hand Trump family plans fell apart.

  27. Floyd Schneider

    How do people listen to this Jackal Maddow? Did Russia 50 thousand dollars in Facebook ads of Crooked Hillary vs the devil swing the election for Trump? Probably made Maddow.vote for Trump because she is that stupid.

  28. John Carruthers

    Doesn't Don jr. already have a full-time job as a senior advisor to the occupant of the White House.
    Is his pay going to be docked for taking time off to attend to private business?
    Please explain.

  29. Eo Tunun

    Beating up people might have been what Lenin thought of, but Karl Marx never did. Funny how communism turned into its very own enemy.

  30. Floyd Schneider

    Surprised this liar about the President didn't call Trump an agent of China. Maddow is a piece of Trash, Russia Hoaxer and Fake News agent of the DCCC.

  31. ricky jurecki

    Don Jr is as stupid as Eric is ugly. Add the dopey father and hey, it's Larry, Curly & Mo, except it isn't funny.

  32. Vladimir Gmitter

    Well, the people's liberation army is going to liberate them from freedom 😀

  33. barry barrygoldsmith

    Only in Rachel show you will hear about stuff like this. She goes deep into reports. Love her shows.

  34. David Armillie

    @7:20 America should sanction Russia for the nuclear disaster.

  35. Relevant Horse

    So it is confirmed like never before Trump his family and those he have placed in positions continue to get rich off of America and it's policies and its legislations that they are rolling back and changing while the poor now get poorer and sicker is this not like the movie Elysium. Nothing about this says JESUS.

  36. Carolain Araos

    He doesn't even ask for a paycheck to work as a president.. And he is a business men, if He's doing side jobs on the side of working for free as a president good for him.. I hope he makes tons of money… God bless you mr president ❤ and god!!! forgive all the haters

  37. Henry Lau

    Please be fair in your reporting. Didn't US used marines and national guards on protesters in former years eg LA and Baltimore? Which countries will tolerate protesters in their security sensitive airports? The protest in Hong Kong are not peaceful. The international media have been biased in their reporting and censor the violent actions of the protesters. The government and police in Hong Kong should be credit for their high degree of tolerance and patience.

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