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  1. ネズネズー


  2. Roger Gonzalez

    I have always loved this song!! I love, Donna! Summer!! You're my Queen!!

  3. Robert Kahan

    Love this cut on the album but the ending in the video here is different and I kinda like it better with her voice dubbed over and over. On the album her voice is gone and it’s just instrumental.

  4. Edgar Filho

    I never needed someone

    ''cause I always led a life of my own

    Never waited for the ring of the 'phone

    Never had anyone here

    When I got home

    But love's about to change my heart

    I'm waiting for the doorbell to chime

    When I always lived one day at a time

    I thought that I was getting on fine

    Never felt I was alone

    'til you change your mind

    Love's about to change my heart

    Could a day be so long

    When I always felt secure and so strong

    And all the time as I went along

    Never thought I would desire

    So much to belong

    Love's about to change my heart

    Love's about to change my heart, ooh

    Never ever thought the sky was so blue

    Never ever thought I'd feel so new

    Always thought I'd know what to do

    But I guess I wasn't counting on you

    What did I know

    I always felt so much on control

    I thought I'd make it all on my own

    Never thought I would forget

    All I have known

    Love's about to change my heart

    Love's about to change my heart

    Love's about to change, change, change

    My heart…

  5. claudio suriano

    What a bad quality videos for an official channel. She deserves a better treatment, with all her videos remastered in HQ. And we deserve it too.

  6. Marcelo Zanelli

    Seven years of missing you!!!…. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Ted Nervander

    Bra mäktig låt av Donna med sin stora röst.

  8. George Long

    I LOVE DONNA SUMMER!!!! She's 1 of my top 3 singers ever!!!! This is 1 of my favorite songs of hers too.GREAT SONG AND GREAT PERFORMANCE!!!!

  9. ricardovmonteiro

    I'll never understand why this wasn't a huge hit. The song has everything, after all. SAW were at their most inspired and Donna was impeccable.

  10. Véronique Dupuy

    Sublime j adore véronique

  11. Michael Rachels

    I still cry over her

  12. Michael Rachels

    my heart still hurts knowing MY DONNA SUMMER IS GONE but never-ending

  13. Tkhughes Thomas45

    very good

  14. jeff Craven

    RIP Donna, sweet lady. Your fans miss you. I remember dance floors, strobe lights, disco balls, dancing with beautiful heart wrenching girls in hot dresses with long soft fluffy hair with lots of hair spray and perfume and promises of what might come: Could it be love? Donna Summer=Good Times Remembered.

  15. Teddy Crispin

    Definitely one of the most beautiful voices of the 20th century, unfortunately as People Magazine once wrote it, her issue after her disco days supremacy was "a problem of repertoire". If she had sung gems from other great songwriters, it may have been another story.

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