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    i lost my dad 3 months ago and i finally got to see him and the next day he dead because of suicide

  2. Heather Prater

    That's how I feel about my best friend Carla it feels like she's still here but shes not really gone as long as I remember her the moment u stop remembering is when they r truly gone I love u sis so very much

  3. Brittney Hoyt

    I lost my cousin 2 years ago and I miss her more and more everyday I love you Billie jo

  4. Olivia Poland

    My Granddad passed away a year ago from Sunday (the 15th of September), and my Great Nanna Raylene passed away 4 years ago, too close to 5 years ago, and not a day goes by where i don't miss them both so much. We all had really great memories with them and it hurts knowing and just thinking that they're gone and that I might never get to see them again. Sometimes I just lay here thinking, wondering what life would still be like if God didn't take them away from me so early. Great Nanna Ray was planning what my 18th would look like (which was only this year), she was expecting to be here for that, and not to go so quickly, but neither her or Granddad ever ended up making it to my 18th and it breaks me every day just thinking that never got to see me grow up into the person i am today, but the person i am today, they can be thanked for that. Even though they were only around for a short period of time in my life, they still ended up teaching me so much and shaping me into who i am today, I am so grateful!

  5. Sean Rasta

    Brilliant as always <3

  6. Maria Resendiz

    Dedicated to my angel in heaven, my mom… she passed away 7 months ago on her 69th birthday. I Love you Mami!

  7. Kaylee Pillay

    This song goes out to all those whom lost there beloved……. what an incredible songg it will always be in our hearts reminding us about our lost ones♥️

  8. Michael Kohlman

    You hit me hard with this song and it is so spirit filled and touching. The first line is something I have lived as I went into the girls bathroom my senior year (1982) and let her know just how much I loved her and that I want her in my life for the rest of it. Also that if she doesn't want my heart, to give it back to me.

    I knew she needed more time, but time ran out as she struck and killed by a drunk driver the next day. I didn't attend any of the reunions until the 30th and something really beat happened. Walking away I thought to myself, "God, why did this just happen?"

    I heard voice as if she was standing there, "He wanted you to see your heart. He wanted you to see theirs." I spent most of the time outside with the one person I didn't want to bring with me, Jean. Then I realized in both life and after death, she always seems to be there when I need her.

    There have been other such angels in my life in regards to other things and I believe with the living angels, as well those now in the beyond, they are there to make us better people, guide us and to remind us see the value in ourselves, even if others don’t.

  9. Freek Van Deventer

    This is such an amazing song i heard it a while ago just before my grandfather passed away and i finally found it again about a month ago all the words in this song is very powerfull. All i can say is thank you Donna for a beautiful song that i listen to everyday with a lot of love.

  10. Angel Ely

    This is a beautiful song, my kids lost their dad in January 2012, but year's before I lost my grandpa, uncle, grandma, my step mom. And then a couple years ago I lost my best friend, My uncle, my sister in law, my dad's best friend and my brother in law just a few months ago, so this song hits you hard but I'll keep listening to it cause it's beautiful. Thank you for singing it and sharing it with the world.

  11. VX Adventures

    Such a wonderful and beautiful version of this song!

  12. Felli A

    I lost my uncle on december 24 2014 to cancer .then i lost my sister november 13 2015 she was only 57 years old ..i took care of her till the last day and i will always cherish my time with her ..and then i lost my dad july 14 2016 to cancer my dad was my everything i love all of yall n miss ueveryday

  13. Alejandro Mejia

    We lost our baby girl 09-4-19 -09-4-19,we laid her to rest today rip baby sophia mommy and daddy love u😩

  14. Marta Góra

    i lost my 4 monts puppy two days ago, he was hitting by a car and had no chances to stay alive. Two breaths and gone 🙁 car was too fast…. my little boy….i still cant believe, i didnt said to him" good morning" and when i was come home….he was gone 🙁 he was too young…. my poor little baby boy, i listen this song over and over again and i cant stop crying

  15. Kira Barron

    my brother passed 3 months ago and i still listen to this song i miss you bubby

  16. Shireen Weitz

    This song played today at a memorial service, i was in tears as we remembered our colleague..beautiful song

  17. Jessica Dillon

    I have been missing my loved ones a lot especially my dads. My loved ones will never be forgotten!

  18. Jill Hallford

    gorgeous, love this song.

  19. Tenisha Badal

    We played this at my grandmother's funeral, it was heart breaking to let you go my beautiful nana ❣

  20. Alicia A

    I love hear this soing. I love my danette hell I miss you. This soing make thank her she love like her daughter to her and I call her mommy D. At first I did believe it she past why. Later I lost it and cry 3 time and I tray so herd not cry and I bing sad. It on her birthday August 24 2019 for she past why heart attack and she head type 4 cancer. And she had seizures too.

  21. Georgi Wenckovsky

    I miss my Gandma when she died

  22. David Finney

    I love the song and I love you singing iit

  23. Rosalia Tutaleni

    27 July 2018. I will never forget the day I got the news. I miss my grandma so much. She was my shield. She was my mom, dad sister and best friend. I always feared loosing her. But she's really gone. I will never stop mourning your death. My life isn't the same anymore. I miss you dearly. 😭

  24. David Finney

    Sandra Matterface. I lost my mother 4 days ago today

  25. Danny Foster

    Bxhjknvgkkvxmm in

  26. Shawaal and Nowaylon Shawaal and Nowaylon

    R.I.P to all my fam nd frndx who passed away😓😢😭

  27. dirk broekman

    Thanks for this beautyfull song , it helps a lot, and yes in jealours 2 on the angels, eaven if i believe there is nothing after we dy but i do hope so and stringly hope that i wil , if there is something, see the ones i loved and missing so much, wil meat again and we wil remember the good times we hade 🙁 love dirk

  28. Riley Forrest

    I lost my mom 2 months ago I play this daily and I miss her so much

  29. Hannah L

    just had a funeral for my favourite cousin and this song made me cry hella hard, i miss him so much

  30. Connie Wright

    Gave birth to twins still born almost 6 months girls. They would have been 37 next March. I am deep faith. I was so young when it happened, overseas, no family except for me and my husband. I still think about them knowing I will see them someday. After that god blessed me with 2 beautiful children, and granddaughters. I just turned 20 when I lost them. But they are with god.

  31. Timjoe M

    Grief is the price we pay for love!

  32. Quorinzia Thieke

    I lost my mother thirteen years ago and I will do anything to have her back in my life 😢RIP momma

  33. Maria archeval holland

    I love you dad Saturday morning my dad had passed away 2019 I miss him so much

  34. Lillian Matos

    Thank you so much Lillian Rivera on Facebook

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