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  1. Bestie

    WATCH 🎥: 8 Signs Your Body Gives You A Month Before A Heart Attack:

  2. Double M 11/08

    Interesting video. Last summer my right ear was messed up for a few months after swimming. Eventually I managed to get the cotton swab in far enough to get rid of that ear wax. Some blood also came out of my ear. My ears pop everyday which always feels good. I sure hope my ears never get messed up like that again. It helps to fill a syringe with warm water and very carefully put the water in your ear which helps flush the wax out and easier to clear more of it out.

  3. Rey Of Light

    Slightly green-ish ear wax or discharge can be a sign of infection as that may mean your ear wax can have some pus in it. I had this just about a month ago, external ear infection also known as swimmers ear, it’s an infection that isn’t as deep into the ear canal as the middle ear infections usually are, but damn it hurt almost as bad! Ear drops cleared it in days though. Other than that, don’t mess with your ears by poking and prodding in them! Q-tips should go nowhere near an ear canal as it can injure the ear canal or even poke the eardrum if you’re not careful. And the more you mess around with your ears, the more wax you produce as it’s there to protect your ears from dirt and infection by keeping the ear canal healthy and catch dirt and grime before it reaches the most sensitive parts of our ears

  4. Ophelia Phelan

    What if you have no ear wax

  5. vansse Mccreadie


  6. Robert Messner

    I used to have a lawn service/ landscaping biz! A couple times I had to go into the v.a. To make an appointment to get the gunk out of my ears! One time I had gotten to the point I couldn’t hear at all and it was messing with my equilibrium! I had so many accounts that I had a hard time keeping up with them! When I got my ears cleaned the water she used turned dead black! It was so nasty I shouldn’t have waited that long!

  7. Happily Fit

    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  8. Jane Adams

    Pain in your ear is also something that need to be checked out by your doctor.

  9. Robotfighter

    I got blood in my ears when I swab my ears, but maybe I swab too hard or could be cuz I blast old rock for hours on end.

  10. leelan82

    I flush out my ears with a mix of hydrogen peroxide and warm water

  11. Juliette f.g

    I've never seen someone with another different color of earwax than brown.

  12. Denise Johnson

    When I'm in bed sleeping beside that I am laying on I will have a clear fluid come from that ear slightly and then sometimes when that drains a little it'll get to Kitchen but only when it's moist really moist in that ear with the clear fluid

  13. Coco Stewart

    Plz pin me

  14. Curtistine Miller

    I clean my 👂 👂 with mineral oil on a swab and wash around… it with a mild soap…..


    Thank You !

  16. Judy Berends

    I don't have earwax . Mine are dry as the desert. My daughter is the same way. Mine are never moist. I will ask my daughter.

  17. **April -Gacha**

    Notoce me please

  18. Chill Editor290

    My earwax is the color brown sometimes

  19. Haiki-Love-

    IM EARLY YAY! I love your channel. New subscriber! 😃

  20. KAT2006 LOVE

    Me tooo

  21. Tera Dorsey



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    YouTube is officially drunk

  23. Lydiaxxmoon

    Hiii can u plz respond ❣️

  24. Bestie

    Have you ever experienced any health issues related to your ear? What are some tips you have to eliminate or reduce ear wax? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends!🙂

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