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  1. Gippetos

    Can't make it, but will be awesome for those who can! 🙂 Will the lectures be uploaded? I've been "geeking out" on Karen Thomson's channel and Low Carb Down Under for months now.

  2. soili

    Is keto+if an option if youre trying to gain weight?

  3. Goojle Com

    Dr.Golden undoubtedly
    Can you talk about chronic bacterial prostatitis please
    it is incurable😢

  4. Gina Siebrecht

    Good morning from Germany. Please Dr Berg can you put information about healing with frankincense (the hart of the Weihrauch Baum in Oman) on the agenda one day. Thank you.

  5. Mariam Taee

    😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔i wish that i live in america but it is too far . 😔😔😔😔😔

  6. Re

    Hey Dr. Berg! They are starting to delete entire accounts of people that help other people (Keto, natural healers, etc.) so please please make sure you have all of these videos backed up somewhere and please make a backup account somewhere and let us know where we will be able to find you Incase that ever happens to you. I see you have a Facebook page but honestly I wouldn’t even trust that anymore! Thanks for doing what you do and God Bless you!

  7. tatsu masa


  8. Baba the puppy

    Sugar must be runnin scared now

  9. Artbug

    omg… so excited!!! its only like 2 weeks away!

  10. Susan M

    Good luck Dr. Berg & Karen…knock the sugar out of them!

  11. Susan M

    It's gonna be amazing! A Ketonian Crusade! ❤️🤪❤️

  12. Ertuğrul Dz

    Why do Muslims fast two days a week, why do they fast a whole month every year and why their Prophet said we are not sick because we only eat hungry and he said this 14 centuries ago

  13. Wakeup Your Makeup

    I wish I could go! 🌏➡️🌎 Have a fabulous time ⭐️ anyway can you do a video on seborrheic keratosis or if you already have can you link please 🙌🏼 Thank you

  14. gomcoclamp

    someone please answer if you know:

    i am extreme thin (genetical disposition) so that i'm just around 55 kg as a normaly tall male in the thirties. is the keto diet still the best option for me, if i don't want to LOSE mass, but build it? thanks!

    oh yeah and i just got diagnosed with ibs so now i'm trying to look for a low-fodmap diet lol wish me good luck since avocado is a no go

  15. Christian Thames

    Are you going to stream it online for cheaper for those who can't go?

  16. mimicat11

    Hi Dr Berg – will the conference be recorded for purchasing later?

  17. Niss Miss Dz

    HI . IM REALY Big Fan of you dc berg . I just want to ask you as a person with ibs can i eat onion and garlic within my diet to boost my immune system …hope you can reply. And thanks ……

  18. A

    monumental, you guys are saving lives

  19. Samantha Xo

    Gotta love Karen.

  20. Linda Johnson

    Is this available as a Livestreamed option? I would so love for my husband and I to attend but it's impossible this year. I'm also curious if this is geared towards coaches and those more experienced in keto and IF, or if beginners would do well. TY Dr Eric Berg for sharing all your rich educational Cōnnecting The Dōts health and wellness content. 😘🤩

  21. podunkpretties

    Have fun! Wish I could come but, you know….life.

  22. Cale Cali

    my mother have posterior cortical atrophy and sometimes she suffers convulsions and she can't breath and i was wondering is those convulsion are triggered by heat or stress or fatigue ?

  23. Candace M

    Hi Dr Berg,
    Can you explain:
    How the 🧠 adapts to ketosis given it uses 20% of our energy consumed.

    Candace Vork

  24. Proinseas Ni hAnluain

    Dr Berg – wow! So exciting! For those of us in other continents would you please consider streaming future events (pay per view of course)? 🙂

  25. Miss Blessings

    Hi, Dr Berg love what you do. Cameroon 🇨🇲 is so far away. Would have loved to come. Best wishes.

  26. SP

    Dr Berg desperately want your opinion. My mom (63 yrs old) who has chronic uti’s and
    I/C….. she all of sudden was hallucinating and manic/erratic behavior. Symptoms that made me think she was getting dementia. Very confused all of a sudden unable to know how to operate the phone or tv channel changer. Took her to the ER. They did urine and lots of blood work. No uti and ammonia levels we low. She had a (what the dr said) a pseudo seizure,where she’s never had one before. And after extensive mri of brain/ct, eeg and some more blood work turns out her thyroid was wayyyy to high. She has always had hypothyroid and was taking synthroid 200mcg. They said the dose was way to high. She is not confused anymore and seems that may have been the cause since she’s back to normal but can you touch on this I’d love to know if thoughts. . Ty ❤️

  27. Maxi Bake

    Wish I could go, but alas no. It looks awesome, & I hope all who attend have an utterly Fabulous time there. Maybe we could see some clips after the event, that would be great. Take care all. 🤗❤🙂🐶

  28. Jacob011

    I mean the hotel has to do something about that name! 😂

  29. salah khalaf

    Dr. Berg Does taking arginine supplements interfere with Keto Diet

  30. Reid Pattis

    Holy smokes, the theme song is fire! This is something you would hear in an epic boss fight.

  31. Sandra Bentley


  32. B Meetze

    Wish I could come. Can’t wait to see clips from it!!

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