Dr. Jean's Banana Dance – (aka The Guacamole Song) – Dr. Jean's Banana Dance

Dr. Jean posted the song and video on YouTube for teachers and parents to enjoy with their children. Watch the top left corner for a link to the lyrics around 42….

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  1. Dr. Jean

    Looks like we made 100K subscribers today.
    Seems that Theatre Nerds is the 100,000th subscriber.
    Thanks to all of you. Now check out our 200th Video Challenge and send us your story and pics.

  2. Howdy Y'all

    I hope she knows how much this song has fulfilled my life.

  3. sans

    this ruined my recommended section

    worth it

  4. Isabella Restauri

    Put 2x speed your welcome

  5. Angela Dusper

    Very epic

  6. Augustus 21

    Teach me how to peel a tomato

  7. David Kostikian

    Omg I remember a kid danced to this in the middle of the class and I remember laughing so hard and the teacher got so annoyed every time he started singing the song and she filmed it when I was laughing so hard my face turned red like the tomato

  8. sayhellotopigeon

    This is so wholesome C:

  9. Lemon Bread

    Me before with my 6 brain cells: avocado is just food
    Me with big brain after watching this: GUaComOLe gUA gUA comOLe

  10. Lemon Bread

    How to do tango

  11. Marcello Getty

    me and my brother watch theses its so freaking funny we cant stop laughing hahahahahahahahahahaha

  12. lucy ohana

    So cool

  13. Yeslea Ash

    Peel the tomato

  14. Noor20s

    She will distract the Area 51 guards

  15. No Healing


  16. Hattie The Animatronic Girl Collector

    Haha it's so funny

  17. Neb Ula

    I liked the part when she was dancing

  18. Spirited Gamer AJ


  19. Davina Staines

    how do you peel a tomato?

  20. Bianca Autida

    have a lovely heart we love all your vids continue doing your thing AND FORGET THE BASHERS they are LOSERS forget them WE ALL SUPPORT YOU AND WE ALL LOVE YOU❤❤

  21. Rachel Gonzalez

    I’m sorry did you just say

  22. ‡ † iHotdogs † ‡

    I listened to the whole song waiting for the Guacamole part…

  23. bertina lamptey

    This is abig a meme now in this year still😂😂

  24. Kokichi is still alive

    did you just say
    Peel the carrot

  25. Leonor Bermea


  26. Misha Nguyen

    You can watch the Guacamole part over and over again and it still is very exciting…..

  27. K10Cubing

    This is the third time I saw this in my recommended
    Wow YouTube

  28. Nintendo Universe Delta

    Pffffffbbbbtttttfffttt the ketchup

  29. murelauiso

    The avacado part makes me feel some type of way

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