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    I email 2 no email me back after write my story liver cancer hep c Edema Ascites

  2. shirley Delmundo

    hi doctor which hospital this one in china that could cure kidney disease?

  3. Abla Kitoune


  4. Robert Noel

    Does anyone know Dr. Ming's email address?

  5. Robert Noel

    Hello Dr Ming,  I am trying to purchase Bushen Gushi from the hospital. I have multiple sclerosis 15 years and heard it is very helpful for the symptoms. I went to the http://www.tcmtreatment.com/index.htm site but I don't see a link to purchase bushen gushi. I even called the hospital at 0118677452813387 three times but the people that answer don't speak English. Is there a  way to purchase this product. I would be very grateful. my contact information is Robert Noel  171 Duncan Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306.  phone 1-917-207-5588  email- robertn31@yahoo.com  Thank you

  6. Vijay Kumar

    Do you have permanent remedy for gastritis induced by obstinate giardias isinfection? If so,kindly inform cost of treatment,(in indian currency)duration and also cure probability rate.Kumar,from chennai,india.

  7. Yusuf Mohammad

    God willing, I'm looking forward to attending the TCM school ! I'm sure it will be well worth the distant travel.

  8. baset alnedari

    dear doctor,ming
    i am suffaring from hand eczema since about 10years. i used many kinds of ointments and aniallergic drugs, but until now no results .
    please can you advice me what to do? how to treat my case .
    thank you.
    best regards.

  9. Emmy Zziwa

    Thanks for the good video .

  10. Emmy Zziwa

    Dr Ming ,hope you are doing well .Am called Emmanuel from Uganda.I like your TCM Medicine especially also my mom likes it so much .I just sent you an email .Please thank you

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