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  1. Dragi Draguhn

    Can I use this Trailer for my Livestreams?

  2. goody khashayari

    Incredibly talented soul here…please continue 🙂

  3. iron maiden

    is beautiful

  4. iron maiden

    The song goes with the game "Skyrim"

  5. Daniel Javier

    Very good!! >:>D

  6. Dire Wolf

    I like your music!!! It is very good!!!

  7. Aditya Daga

    You deserve more views!! – Epic Music Fan

  8. kingcobra

    brilliant music,such atmosphere,and immediacy. a fantastic talent.

  9. Elvira Eridan

    Your music is very awesome and beautiful! I love it! 🙂 

  10. N S

    Is the picture from skyrim? Dragonborn vs alduin?

  11. SKA,REGGAE y un poco de RAP

     like si habalas español

  12. bone daddy


  13. Beyond Games

    nice…i like this kind if music

  14. kurbat kurbatov


  15. DailyDay

    Epic 🙂

  16. Dracovallis

    Thank you! 🙂

  17. Tom Fort

    keep up the good work

  18. TheAlfaOmegaStar

    Absolutely great. loved it right away!

  19. BlueGuise

    Brilliant! I love the energy!

  20. Dracovallis

    Thank you! And be free to 🙂

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