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  1. Jackson Brown

    ahhh, freshman yr of college

  2. Super LUCKY Meat Boy

    Producer: how much do you like broccoli

    Dram: yes

  3. Mário lucho

    Gostei muito da música 💖💖💝

  4. Nélia de Sá

    I came here for no reason at all

  5. gabbygameing t

    yass off sorry i’m so dumb love u and love ur girlfriend so pretty i which i was her ur u 😔💕💀😐

  6. 바나na

    man this brings back memories,,, only 3 years but feels like a lifetime

  7. Jared Mc'N'Cheese

    one hit wonder

  8. PeteTheBush - RBLX

    Living proof that Summer 2016 was the best 😛



  10. Citofono Sborroso



  11. AbbyLove Savage

    Ahahah I used to listen to this when I was 9 and I remembered this song😂😂😂 I love this

  12. Ninja123 X


  13. Ninja123 X

    Best song ever

  14. Norakmal Fikri

    How to make moving pictures like that ?

  15. N0P3

    Back when lil yachty made every unknown rapper famous

  16. ColonCrucher9000

    Your life is in a peak if you hear this song

  17. PounceTheCat

    0:01 Broccoli Just Floating around
    Chillin Swining

  18. Almighty Sweat

    So this is y recorders were trending on Twitter 3 yrs ago

  19. ryan Nguyen

    not a good song

  20. Jonathan Garfias

    Why is it called broccoli when it reAlly has nothing to say about it

  21. Natalie Ray

    With all that cash at least make the women look hot 🤦🏼‍♀️

  22. TheAngelArrow

    these chicks just straight up FAT bruh

  23. Rookie The Wolf

    Like si veniste por el video de Droos :v

  24. Idle Asf

    I still don't like broccoli 😂

  25. Indi Beni

    Goddamn.. goddamn….goddaaaaammnn.. lol my fav part of the whole goddaaamn song!

  26. Atomic Lazy

    99% girls and twerk

    1% poor broccoli :/

  27. Reagan Dkhar

    Am I the only one who thinks baby dram looks like peele from key and peele

  28. Unnati Asiron Gramona

    2019 and still hitting

  29. WHATdaFUNK123

    It’s not a DRAM vid without twearking babes

  30. TheGodz

    Selling unreleased lil yachty songs write back and I’ll give u my discord

  31. Staziii

    am i the only one who thinks the girls are twerking weak asf like this is one of the most hyped songs and these girls are barely moving they asses😂😂

  32. alex cute

    Why that song is disgusting and i hate going back to school like if you. Dont like school

  33. Jesse's Bizarre Adventure

    this is one of my fav music vidoes of all time if not my fav

  34. Kylie Taylor

    omg my 9 year old self singing this on musically🥴🥴

  35. Oberdan Rocha

    Pau no cu

  36. StaticRoach

    Nibba said 🥦

  37. Agosto Ceilings

    0:36 momma Hott. …hold up

  38. ob4y 1q

    Who here from 20220?

  39. tyler kruse

    xxx i love you



    Was 2016 really three years ago?

  41. Mystic Fawn

    One of the stupid songs

  42. J rocketkid100 Hill

    All i want to do is smoke dat broccoli. This song is still fire🔥till this day it will be. all i want to do is smoke dat broccoli!🔥😎✌.

  43. THE Tamers

    I always come here to watch dram laugh expressions this make my day

  44. Michalina Wijatkowska

    Kto z polski?? Who's from poland??

  45. Ricardo Ruiz

    2019 🇨🇴

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