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  1. Mandy's World

    Who and who?? 😭😭 I'm old

  2. Dracula beatz

    Need beats hit me up 🙂 🎶🎶🎶👹👹👹

  3. αηυяα ᑕᕼᗩᑌ

    no lies to but👎

  4. Fist Benoit

    Chitlin loaf

  5. YamaAgni

    Okayyy this one goes.

    Was excited to check it for Clever but DryBoy definitely did his thing! 🌊

  6. Reggiexsmooth

    i fw this

  7. Skrrt Skrrtt

    Why does he sounds a bit like juice wrld?

  8. Ali Joooker

    Clever chillin any song he has an excelent voice 🔥❤

  9. UncleJesus

    Fucking garbage

  10. Grove Street

    Clever is a big Talent

  11. g g

    Можно слушать

  12. a.gb.m

    This song slaps hard never heard of dryboy but I’m now a fan and clever… another hard verse

  13. Yves Saint laurent


  14. William Henry

    Trash… People actually listen to this??? Wow… HOT GARBAGE 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  15. Gustavo2x

    Clever snapped on this 🔥🔥

  16. D K


  17. Rafael Esparza

    This slaps 🔥💯 fuck what the haters think.

  18. TheBuddha Queen

    So basically a rock song with a rap beat? I fucks with it

  19. Trewor Master

    Skinnyfromthe9 lil bro

  20. Papi Johzay

    I see clever I click 🔥🔥🔥

  21. max Sht!

    insane duo🔥🔥🔥

  22. Shaun-Lee Gabriel

    who the fuck are these guys ? shittest song iv heard


    Slime dreams

  24. Devin Mitchell

    This is stolen from ynw bslime slime dreams go look it up if you don't believe me

  25. Clever Support

    Those goosebumps when clever starts ♥

  26. OhIDid

    Some highschool musical bs

  27. PRO MTB

    Only came for clever other guy is dry and is garbage

  28. When I Decay

    Easy licks right here. 💀 Clowns.

  29. TheColeTrain

    Just sayin dry recorded this in May and slime dreams came out in like July, they do sound similar tho

  30. Michael Tercero

    I came hear just to listen to clever’s verse

  31. Justin S

    Clever Makes Anything hit

  32. Anthony Aeon

    Worldstar going to bitch about culture appropriation .but give white rappers a platform. Lol

  33. burnsybros


  34. Some Bullshit Name

    That Dryboy sound like Trippie Redd at some points this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Darryl Brown

    Where the clever fans at?!

  36. Josh McDougal

    Who the fuck were these guys. And why is that on worldstar.


    Shoutout Dekalb ‼️

  38. γOGI zOO

    Came for clever but this song is wavy af

  39. Lost Cause


  40. Psychic TacoCat

    can’t wait for Clever's collab wit Post Malone‼️🧨

  41. Camkutta FDT

    Dryboy you sound like JucieWrld

  42. Jarrett Fuhs

    Those earrings are ridiculous ngl

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