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  1. Ken Sim

    what happened to tht whitew statue of liberty they erected on the hill? shudgetthoserrestedto bringit downandplace ina busy public place as a mmorial to those who were injured and arrested during the hong kong"revolution"

  2. Con Chau VNCH

    All Hong Kong student are so brave..The bravest kids in the world

  3. Con Chau VNCH

    The whole world has alots of respect for the student of Hong Kong…Fight for what u beleive in…You guys are hero

  4. MrLautituali

    There's to much protests

  5. pearlgarden29

    Than who pleading for the police remind you they too have parents ok?? So that’s a fact!!.

  6. pearlgarden29

    Great carry on your protest since you think it’s only a silly game

  7. Rudy Rajab

    The white skin people are making use of you hong kongers. These same kind of destruction will never happen in europe or america because these same white skin people will never allow it. But they love it when its happening in hong kong.

  8. moukangwa

    What is your responsibility, parents!

  9. Dian Hero

    demo demo saja jangan ngrusak

  10. Mi Mao 大王 Miao Ge Lu

    u naughty, you dead

  11. Optimus Prime

    I guess these failed animal parents do not know even in their admired USA master’ country that under 18 years old can be charged and tried as adults 😂

  12. Nat Goh

    Walao eh police spray water also scared scared until niama cannot recognise. The water is like they go water theme park one, rite?
    Then they still scared😂

  13. Nat Goh

    Carrie lam should just stop the China-Hong Kong thing in order to stop the protest mah. Nabeh this Carrie the lamb never use brain one ah. Now PolyU oso kena affected. Might as well she just step down……

  14. Kata Alien

    University is a place of ideas, not of action. Keep the symbolic place of higher education sacred.

  15. cathy ho

    Hey girls…you want a simple things but you brainless to destroying hong kong

  16. Giacc S

    Low IQ from parents can pass down to their offsprings.

  17. Mi Rea

    Can government hear????bulshit…

  18. Information station 【sabu】

    Hong Kong human rights bill is likely to be decided. The whole world should work together to fight Chinese violence

  19. HippieMellis Kiki

    People in the comments just don’t understand

  20. zida3388

    Who told them come out? Who is harming them?

  21. eastern2western

    All of that petroleum could had used for transportation. What a waste.

  22. Denny Yip

    You do the crime you pay the price. Period.

  23. Hangyu Zhang

    HongKong has no future just because these idiots! ONLY THING THEY NEED JUST A BULLET IN THE HEAD!

  24. 唐纳德·特朗普


  25. 唐纳德·特朗普


  26. 陈新虎


  27. Min To

    When they did the damage, they know the results, so no excuse…put they in jail for years so the next generation won't do the same mistakes

  28. Toh Han Shen

    Dllm 啦 死廢青們

  29. Dan Lau

    I think in future , no other companies dare to employ staff from Hongkong University & nobody dare to let their kids study in Hongkong University

  30. Robert Dean


  31. Truth Matters

    Such an idiot. Totally useless idiot. Every criminal has his/her own reason and excuse for committing a crime. Put them in jail and serve the sentence in jail.

  32. Freedom 0017

    They have no idea what's coming to them, there future is going to be even worse now that Americans have passed a bill to sanction HK when ever they feel like it. HK was ranked 3rd spots for being the most free and no. 1 for its economy in the world. America is rank 17 for being the most free and because of HK's ignorance, you have just condemned yourselves under the thumb of the US.

  33. Hardi öng

    their parents must be proud

  34. Hank Wang

    Parents are also guilty because they supported their rioter-children. Why didn't they stop their children from beating up people who have different opinions from them, setting fire, destroying the beautiful Hong Kong?

  35. Musim Mas

    radicals…. yesssss………. finally!!!!!

    thats the right terms for this so called themselves a protester…..


    Complete madness. All for what?

  37. Di Di

    South China Morning post according to your all videos I can clearly figure out you are standing with riot mobs even you trying to pretend being a neutral role but you fail it with stinky smell of your news.

  38. Ji Li

    子不教 父之过 – 父母不去正确的教育自己子女 反而来责怪政府 可笑可悲可怜

  39. Jarrod Yuki


  40. Adrian Mckevin

    Cut off their electricity and water.. don’t have to fight.. they will surrender peacefully

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