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  1. Александр Месечко

    Выше. Крыши

  2. Maxi Zamac

    Excellent song.

  3. Ava Long

    Under my skin when I feel this music🎶🎶🎶🎶❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Louise Price

    👏💕meee too 💋

  5. Silvia Ramos


  6. fun time

    Absurd, nearly 60 year old mofos trying to look emo.

  7. Matthew Myers


  8. Silvia Oliveira

    E um sonho esse hino

  9. Rui Cavalcanti


  10. MM03

    This song is gold

  11. fenerli fenerli

    Türk varmı la buralarda ( ne arasın hepsi aleyna tilkide )


    шо за пидарский клип блять7

  13. Vishal Mahajan

    I am still to be born and listening the song from Heaven and yes God is sitting besides me


  14. Samira Adiva


    Very sensual song very hurt to know your sister died happilyever02 she must be young

  16. Lucky Charms

    I feel vomit excreting out of my earlobes. Come on DD you can do better

  17. Gustavo de Alencar bispo

    Excelente banda ótima música perfeita saudade desse tempo que não volta mais saudades

  18. Elena Vikhreva

    А я честно говоря не понимала слово UNDONE. Я думала, что это что-то связанное с глубиной. А если это ОТМЕНИТЬ, то что ж – КАЗНИТЬ НЕЛЬЗЯ, ПОМИЛОВАТЬ!

  19. Elena Vikhreva

    Борис Гребенщиков. Группа "АКВАРИУМ".

  20. Naem Nasarudin

    i really love this song. Still listening on 2019.

  21. Melvin Andres

    Im here because beavis and butthead

  22. Lisset Daniza

    Esta 🎶 es insuperable 😭😭😭

  23. Timothy Kennedy

    "How did I get here😔😔😔?????,I never wanna leave🙃🙃🙃

  24. mngq8

    Fav Five❤️

  25. diego alzate

    The best song of Duran Duran

  26. Batman

    Im from Indonesia,who loves this song

  27. howardCooper42 stan

    i feel nostalgia this songs reminds me with my father

  28. Carl Capps

    Relationships come and go but Truth will remain.

  29. Kurt Rolson

    Happy birthday to you was created for you

  30. Jimmy Rodriguez

    Vaya qué feliz que era yo en ese entonces…..y no lo sabía

  31. Дмитрий Горбачев

    Дюран дюран!как же давно это было а слушаеться и сейас на одном дыхании!суперррр

  32. Duygu Taşdelen

    Favori şarkılarımdan. ❤️🇹🇷

  33. Xavid Shuman

    Note: the dislike button only can be used by the deaf persons

  34. Bamdad Niknafs

    persian girls suck

  35. Barbara Weekley

    Undone good song the bomb by the Duran

  36. os criativos

    Top duran Duran banda muito boa

  37. Slavko Cosic

    One of the best songs by Duran Duran<3…Light & Love…

  38. elanit Perez

    Appy birtdhay too me ♥️

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