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  1. Love you World

    America will send more drugs to UK .. that's great and UK will have more druggist 😂

  2. Right is Wrong

    Hancock dodged the issue again. A sloppy Tory Brexit will cause deaths.

  3. Death to the EU regime

    Firstly! the main producers of Insulin have all said there will be no problems with supply even if we leave without a deal.

    Secondly!… Great Britain is One of the major producers of drugs and medicines and exported over £20 Billion worth in 2018 so to suggest we will go short is just more remainer scaremongering.

  4. Caspar Guise

    I’ve stock piled a ton of drugs best quality Canadian drugs …eu isn’t only place for drugs Dale you plank

  5. Michael

    Its a shame we are leaving the EU because of course they are the only countries that have accessible medicine

  6. The Ramblings of Bry


  7. itellzzz

    Well be ok plenty of drug dealers on our streets 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. icdgyixify

    The snowflakes will always find something to snivel about!

  9. jamie wiltshire

    Trade – You want something… you ring…. you pay… they bring. It's not that hard.


    I'm more concerned with Matt Hancock being aware of & getting around to regulating the UK refractive (laser & lens replacement) eye surgery industry due to the huge numbers of damaged patients involved, & it's costing the NHS a fortune treating them after they've been abandoned by private 'clinics'! Google campaigner Sasha Rodoy & OERML website and Facebook page for information.

  11. Juanito G

    Why would there any issue with meds post brexit?
    The uk can simply decide to accept eu standards. No checks necessary. UK can also put a blanket zero tarrifs of meds meaning supplies dont need to be checked for customs. Its the eu that MUST put tariffs and checks on non-eu goods entering the eu

  12. King Richard the Lionheart

    Why'd you have to ask him twice?

  13. burnsloads

    I'm an American and I can assure you that I've enough drugs for you all.

  14. camelpissflavour

    most of it comes from india anyway

  15. Sum Guy

    Is “Super Gonorrhea” back on the table for the agitators…? FFS

  16. johnbeechy

    all speculation.. no words in his set that claimed to secure access.. either way.. for the exporters or the imported.. myop.. born english need to use english to explain away the fears of the english.. for example.. 'at this stage we have figured out that we have (blank) number of drugs that will be apart of the 1st draft deal . and leaves worrying about the number not included in the 1st draft and also all the imported needed drugs'.. but instead the BOY-oh says words that carry ONLY speculation. no wonder the nation is behind the times.. and a CDN still runs the central bank.. until the end of the month and the beginning of brexit. so CDNs wont be blamed for the inability of english to make a commoner's needed deal. sell out to the shareholders that live in the EU. cut taxes that dont change the margins, so the corporations can buy their competition and end more local jobs. be the dinner as more Non english are the winners.. CDNs cant save u forever.. Time u used one of your own to make all your central banking leadership needs.. Thanks for the short winded Upload.. Keep broadcasting .. no matter how low brow the nation remains.

  17. Madyetmellow

    Well I feel assured…

  18. Connor Minihane

    'Ian Dale grills health secretary'
    "Can you assure my listeners they'll have access to the same drugs post brexit?"
    "I can assure that"
    "Ok cool"

  19. JST DRVN

    Absolute none story.

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