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  1. Downshiftology

    'Tis the season for healthy soups! I hope you guys enjoy these new soup recipes, and don't forget to check out my website for more classics (like butternut squash soup!). So tell me, which soup are you going to make first? 🙂 xo – Lisa

  2. Patt Dixon

    I don't have a vitamix blender however I do have a very nice emerson blender. Would this work?

  3. Iryna Donska

    Hi Lisa. Thank you so much for these recipes, I'm going to cook all of them. As a Ukrainian, I cook beets quite often ( because of the Borscht) and the lifehack is to boil them first and then cut. You can add them as your last ingridient right to the blender, they'll still give all their color to the soup. It eases the whole process soooo much. Hope it would be helpful)

  4. Clarabel Scott

    ridiculous!!! use a vertical blender

  5. suvasini devi

    Thank you 😊

  6. nimss12

    It's true about onions in the fridge. Great trick, aint nobody got time to cry when you just want to cook 😊😂

  7. peony Roses

    Yes. Just put the onions overnite and you wont get teary when cutting it. I always do that.

  8. A D

    Great ideas for soup. My only major concern is If The broth isn't home made they are low carb but high sodium soups.

  9. Lara Fitzpatrick

    Watched it twice to make sure I have a good handle on this! Now off to my local grocery store to stock up on what I need. Highlight this weekend will be the smells of your yummy soups!

  10. Sven Jorgenson

    If you wish for a speedier way of peeling the beets, boil for 10 min then place in ice bath. Skins will slide right off.

  11. Edna Puckett

    Love those soup cubes. I always make extra spaghetti sauce. That looks like a great way to store it.

  12. Hope is life

    Just like i told you i tried the sweet potato first and it was amazing 😋 creamy and sweet it was delicious i loved it ❤
    Then i tried the cauliflower soup which became a cauliflower salad haha 😂 i just loved the smell when i took it out of the oven so yummy 😋 so next time i will try it properly promise 😘❤

  13. miss blueberry

    loved all three soups 🙂 you use store bought vegetable stock or homemade?

  14. Eileen Perkin

    Love all of them!! I will try them for sure 🙂 thank Lisa!

  15. Katherine-Alice Werner

    Do you make your own vegetable broth?

  16. Nairobi Gonzalez

    These soups are everything !! Love the toppings added to each one of them!! And the freezer method as well!

  17. Michelle Adamson

    Hi Lisa, Your videos are fantastic and very inspiring. What spice substitute would you recommend for someone that is extremely adverse to coriander/cilantro for the cauliflower soup?

  18. Tara M

    What is the hand soap you use?

  19. Ron Si

    Very nice recipes.

  20. GingerSnipz

    I was just day dreaming about making the cauliflower soup and thought it would be excellent with roasted celery root. I don't have a Vitamix, pray for my food processor, haha!

  21. Sheila Roc

    I made tonight the cauliflower soup and it was so good! I added a bit of cooking cream at the end, as I am used to put some in most of my soup. I love the crunshiness of the roasted almonds and even the pieces of cauliflower on top. The cum8n and coriander were a perfect blend. Next will be the other soups. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Anna

    Do you have a recipe for roasted pumpkin cream soup in Vitamix? I love your recipes 👍👍👍👍👍

  23. Elle V

    Love these recipes. I will definitely try them this fall and winter. Thanks for the tip for preventing stains – also how are you doing with smoke in air. I live Sac and it’s getting Smokey up here. Blessings

  24. Eija Storgård

    Yummy! And my sister swears by using goggles when cutting onions, I have yet to try that 😊

  25. Z Y

    This is the first time I've watched your video. I really enjoyed it. I feel inspired to try our soup recipes with my vitamix.
    I would like to see a video on making butternut squash soup. I realize you have the recipe on your website, but I'm very visual. Thanks!

  26. Susan Nichols

    Lisa, thanks so much for sharing your talents! There’s something about you I like so much! (besides the obvious wonderful recipes, decor and organization videos.)
    You are inspiring! 😊

  27. Marmotte

    Vegan friendly soups ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. greatboniwanker


  29. Courtney C

    Can you make a horchatta recipe?

  30. Michelle Day

    All three soups look delicious! Even the beet one and I don't like beets, lol. Where do you buy your cauliflower? That was the biggest head of cauliflower I've seen! Love all your videos <3

  31. TheRangeControl


    My objective criticism of this video would be using the keywords "Vitamix" & "Soup Recipes", yet NOT EVER using the Vitamix "Soup" setting feature.

    I most oft, love your videos. I simply felt this was misleading, as your use of Vitamix was one of 3 people online who inspired me to buy an A3500. Yet, I rarely see the use of features specific to the Vitamix, in order to further us down the path of easy to use AND costly incorporated features.

    If you would. I would appreciate if you would create some soup recipes, and an accompanying video to show use of the Vitamix, in which you incorporate the Soup presetting.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  32. TheRangeControl

    Can you sous vide frozen soups?

  33. Darrell King

    How do you decide whether to use a soup pot or a Dutch oven? Or does it matter?

    Also, I’m very excited for this cauliflower soup. I’ve been telling people for days that I’ve been wanting a cauliflower soup for at least a week!

  34. Bloombaby99

    Thank you for a new video!

  35. Klio Deli

    I peel the onions at the sink, with water pouring over them, it takes out all the substences that cause crying, and then I cut them with no tears.

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