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  1. constantine

    What is this woman talking about? The most important thing is to have a relationship with our God, the true God, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit— The most Holy Trinity. Human beings are material– the flesh and also they are spiritual- the soul. Just to feed the flesh will not save a human being! Both must be fed!

  2. Ronwise Gamgee

    I wish more mental health specialists could see this video instead of dogmatically pushing whatever darling therapy technique they've been taught at school that completely disregards how a person's environment shapes their mental health.

  3. frankman2

    Best stuff I've seen in a while on youtube. Just had to say this.

  4. Stan Petrides

    Not a lot to be proud of, as a American! We've lost our way!

  5. eottoe2001

    While it is politically incorrect to bring up but jobs are important to men for all kinds of reasons including social connect. Brian Alexander's book the GLASS HOUSE goes into this in how when the main business in Lancaster, OH was mostly close down by the hedge funds, a lot of people including men lost their purpose. Joan C. Williams What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class covers this also. The Yang people don't get it.

  6. Rocco Diciano

    There's an objective to 'shoot' for, America: Try to get your gun deaths lower than war-ridden Afghanistan…lol.

  7. Black Brit

    I'm sure the guys plucking chickens were armed to the teeth.

  8. GoldMember 3P

    😂🤣🙏🇺🇸 🇮🇷🇮🇱🇸🇦❓🙃👽

  9. Jon Dhoe

    No problem with ICE raids since they are ILLEGAL. You seem to forget that little factor. Talk about how NAFTA was actually horrible for both populations, but stop pretending illegal immigrants are being unfairly rounded up when they are not.

  10. GoldMember 3P

    Central America?! Imagine that, would've never guessed.

  11. Ulrich Esser

    History repeating. America Forcefully repatriated 3rd generation Americans with Mexico poorly because they had Mexican Names. AMERICA the great Nation, NOT.

  12. KC 187

    It’s interesting how Hollywood has at times depicted a dystopian future, one of mass isolation, hyper capitalism and intrusive technology. It’s becoming more evident that we are now living that dystopian future. Seemingly on the road to progress but equally going no where. Most of us wake up everyday in a robotic jolt, mechanically dragging ourselves to meaningless jobs that pay just about enough to keep our heads above the water. But yet we smile and pretend it’s all okay because we don’t want to be seen to be losing the race. The race to no where.

  13. don toews

    anti depressant drugs: side effects violence and suicide

    274,000 persons 6mos to 5yrs old
    1,000.000 persons 5yrs to 10 yrs old and up it goes
    i'm sure this dosen't help matters, live by the chemical die by the chemical

  14. Jesus SavesUS

    Warren? Hell no. Bernie2020

  15. fffjkjk jkjkjk

    Dr. Fraad speaks my heart…Thanks for the sanity.

  16. averagejoe455

    Have you ever considered that the US is just nothing more than a violent and feral nation that needs to be put down like a feral dog?

  17. Sai K

    It's Koch Brother now Prof. Wolff! Thanks for your great analysis.

  18. sundiii99OWS

    Because they’re slaves! We’re all slaves.

  19. Brian

    We have E-Verify

  20. Misuchi Miss

    Capitalism sucks, but there are still a lot of genuinely good people out there. Some days you really see it, other days not so much. This guy just bums me out, he's all gloom and doom. Full blown Communism doesn't work out too well either, so focus on solutions and DO it. Not just talk, talk, talk.

  21. john panos

    about the last comment from harriet fraad on millenials reminded me of what noam chomsky said to the effect that society has become atomized. i say this is another example of propaganda that we live with on a day in day out basis. " be afraid be very afraid of your fellow man "

  22. john panos

    my two cents: it is the system.

  23. homous globus

    Anything from any American is capitalism, Warren and Sanders included. It's part of the American DNA. If you people tried to be like the Soviets, you'd all cry and run home to mommy. You're essentially fake.

  24. Catherine H.

    I love the coverage oh how capitalism affects mental health. The only thing I have to disagree with is about women and friendliness. In my opinion women are NOT more friendly than men. At this point I wonder if most women still even have their instinctive nurturing traits considering how much women have been socially engineered to compete with men in the job market, and have become so abnormally shallow about financial & career status while doing so.

  25. L S

    Sigmund Freud wrote in Civilization and its Discontents, his most insightful book, that humans have paid a huge price—including tremendous psychological disorders—for civilization, which is totally against our own social instincts, but he felt the price is worth it. However, many people have questioned his belief that the enormous price we paid is justified.

  26. john jr. - Lt. Col. Al F. Simmons

    to correct professor wolf in the beginning. that plant didnt belong to the koch bros. its a different koch owners

  27. deanna smith

    private schools aught to be illegal. they only serve as nepotism networks for the already wealthy.

  28. Lorraine West

    A most educational informed conversation from that Doctor Woman. So correct. But there is many reasons. Not just disconnected but people become detached desensitised. Eg person harmed perpetrator has NO EMPATHY nor desire to respond to make better for. That is if the perpetrator still alive. Walking destruction left behind others have to clean up. I guess that is why being kind to others is so important.

  29. Patricia Ray

    Ice wants to do anything to destroy families. With a trump demanding the families be destroyed. He is destroying this country.

  30. gfarrell80

    That intro music… so gangsta!

  31. Alaric Visigoth

    Chill Mr Drama queen. It is up too a $21,000 fine for hiring each undocumented worker. Yet the undocumented worker is usually stiffed his pay or it's less than what he/she thought would be earned.
    Many are used and told to go away. Some get robbed because thugs know when they get paid.

    Best they go through the proper channels, live and prosper like the rest do.

    Like my Latino neighbors. They've been here 14 years and went through all the proper channels to become a citizen and own their home.

  32. Maureen Edwards

    thank you for this guest. I am a RN/psychotherapist and deal with this kind of thing all the time. soo important to talk about and understand. thank you

  33. 11 11

    Thank you Dr. Wolff.

  34. FallenSwan

    Today in Finland 16 years old student attacked with sword to other students and teacher. It was 4th similar case in Finland in last few decades (earlier used bomb or guns). Same symptom what the quest talking about. When USSR vanished from neighbour of Finland, Finland stopped to be progressive and turned to neoliberalism. Inequality grows faster in Finland than any other OECD countries. Alcohol is used more than ever in history. Mental health problems are huge and tabu. Birth rate collapsing. …capitalism kills.

  35. justBinia

    As a lonely, depressed, isolated worker drone in a sparsely populated area I wake up every morning and repeat duty, family, duty, family until I can make it through the day without ending it all. Don't tell me capitalism is working, I'm too tired, angry, and abandoned to listen to your bullshit.

  36. Leticia Cortez

    Why is a MARXIST focusing on a fake progressive, an ex republican like Warren plan who she basically stole from Sanders without giving him any credit? You are not much of a leftist or a Marxist by spreading corporate neoliberal Warren´s propaganda. Shame on you, Dr. Wolff.

  37. Daniel S

    Not the same koch they are not related to the koch brothers but who give a fuck capitalism affect us all

  38. Packrat


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