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  1. lrish Sighs

    Prince Harry is such a wank

  2. sasprilla Jo

    We are all becoming more aware! Thanks for your efforts!

  3. Jacqueline Gray

    Well done

  4. Judy Duxbury

    Im glad to see postive pr for mental health. My question is why wasnt it important to harry before

  5. Mdq Quinn

    love this!

  6. Judy Bazil

    Love these two together hilarious and brilliant.. Awesome work together on mental awareness day .. Informative message delivered to the students and a great message send via voice mail to that beautiful girl that The Duchess pen pal with for 2 years. That's awesomeness! Way to Go Harry and Meghan we got your backs ❤️💕💙👏🏾 much love. Don't let anyone dim Your light.

  7. Bobby,s Upholstery


  8. Idalina Oliveira

    Prince Harry. Ed Sheeran
    It was nice seeing you today in the United States television in my hometown . It was nice seeing you on TV. Talking about worldwide Mental Health.
    *A simple act of kindness can make a tremendous impact on a person's life*

    *A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal*

    Making a difference
    It only takes one

  9. Patricia Caulker

    WelDone HRH Herry👏🏾👍❤️❤️❤️

  10. Clare green

    Love Harry and Meghan plus Ed Sheeran. When I think about mental health I think about Harry and we all know what he has gone through and as he also said about the abuse his wife is going through. God bless you my favourite royal couple.

  11. TheHejjer

    Even on full volume, 15 minutes of barely audible interactions -?? And Harry takes the schoolgirl by the hand, presumably for some good reason, yet no indication of what… 🙁

  12. glynisansara


  13. Karen Love

    Loved the awareness stint. I would love it if Ed were to actually write and perform song about mental health awareness.

  14. Bay

    Harry enjoys talking with his hands, it would be nice if he would learn sign language! HE could do the sign when he gives speeches and open up to other people for his causes. So Harry and MM learn sign language!

  15. israel soto alicea

    I deployed to Afghanistan with a British unit in southern Afghanistan in 2008 and I met you personally. Unfortunately I didnt know who you was until I got bacl to the US and my british friends broke down of how much of a badass you are. Just know that Chronic Adjustment Disorder is the cause of military suicide worldwide. My wife is doing Music Therapy to end veteran suicide worldwide(She Wonder on Instagram).

  16. israel soto alicea


  17. Kali Ann


  18. Marie-Christine H

    PRINCE Harry , je vous soutiens dans votre combat car c'est juste.votre femme est naturelle, et belle.

  19. Marta Chen


  20. Kate DUFIE

    Thanks Duke for spreading the message

  21. Den Holden

    Brothers from other mothers,love what you lads are doing for mental health,especially please go on h4h site,and see there fabulous work!

  22. H London

    Very clever conmercial!! Can be taken 2 ways! But it is all scripted! The expressions on Harry's face are priceless!! 👍

  23. Edith Ugorji

    God bless you and your family, continue to be focus❤

  24. Lorna Brown

    Prince Harry, you makes the world a better place for all people! You are a true person not only to your self but for all to see. Say hello to
    one of my favorite singer Ed!
    God bless you for all the good you do, to help this world be a better place!❤THANK YOU!

  25. Geria Wright

    Yes indeed, Harry's healing has come full circle and now he's paying forward, congrats!

  26. Cookies n Cream

    Thank you Ed & Prince Harry for helping to bring awareness to mental health. This is an awesome video for a great cause!!!

  27. mrjamila88

    Aww two lovely redheads ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌

  28. Carole Elijio


  29. RR Extra

    MC1R Bloodline

  30. Dianne Hill


  31. Cathey Ware

    Love these two. Harry got swag

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